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And the winners are...

$100 First Prizes:

Midnight in the Sheets (C-Lo)


Ministering (BroScanlan)

$50 Second Prizes

Many Firsts (KJ)


Skinny Dipping (RogerRoger)

If the winners would reach out at their earliest convenience, we can set up your preference of either a digital cash payment (Venmo or PayPal) or the sending of an e-gift card of equal value to whatever email you'd like (for the sake of greater anonymity, if preferred).

Thanks to everyone who contributed stories and participated in the voting and, of course, congrats to our winners!

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2 comentários

Congratulations! I'm going to participate next time!! It was fun reading all the stories!


09 de mar. de 2022

Congrats to the winners! All GREAT stories!

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