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Dirty Words

Avoid profanity. It is all around you in school. Young people seem to pride themselves on using filthy and obscene language as well as indulging in profanity, taking the name of our Lord in vain. It becomes a vicious habit which, if indulged in while you are young, will find expression throughout your life. Who would wish to be married to a man whose speech is laden with filth and profanity?

- President Gordon B. Hinckley

“What does it mean for language to be filthy or obscene,” she asked, with a seemingly genuine curiosity regarding the class’s possible answers. “We all have an idea about what words are socially considered swear words, right? But what makes any particular word wrong to say?”

“She is such a great teacher,” I thought to myself as I took in the consternation on the faces of our Sunday school classmates.

She breaks the silence after a thoughtful moment, “What makes words more than symbols and sounds?”

Her leading question inspired a single raised hand, to which she subtly nodded, inviting the sister missionary to share.

“The meaning of the words, not the sounds, make words bad. Some words have different meaning even now than they did years ago…” she offered, my wife nodding as a big grin swept across her face. “The word idiot used to be a medical term but now it’s mostly used as a mean-spirited insult,” she continued.

“Yes!” my adorable wife stage-whispered for effect. “It might be controversial, but I don’t think there are actually bad words per se. That’s a lower law sort of approach to the issue- a check list of unapproved words doesn’t keep us from using our words to wound, does it?”


“Get that cock out, baby,” she said in her sultriest voice, rolling over on the bed to face me as I entered the room. “I need it inside me,” she pouted, biting her lower lip, really showing off just how good she’d become at this sexy talk thing.


“Don’t we often pick from the long list of approved words to do our greatest harm?” she continued to press the class.

“Where I grew up, the ladies loved to use the phrase ‘Bless his heart or Bless her heart.” Some of you may know what that actually means, right?” she scanned the room to acknowledge the smirks, slight nods, and barely audible chuckles.


“Mmm,” she purred, as she reached out to caress my genitals upward, softly cupping all of the tender skin in her hand, “I missed this beautiful dick while you were gone.”

“I guarantee he missed you more,” I replied in admiration of her confidence, “As did I.”


A hand shot up in the back of the room- the ward firebrand. He took eye contact as an invitation to contribute something his mischievous grin revealed he expected would ruffle some feathers.

“My dad always use to say that damn and ass are in the scriptures so he could say them.”

Reactions were mixed. Some lips pursed, some grins formed, and some awkward gazes were passed around.

“That definitely illustrates the point that context matters,” my wife expertly countered.


“Damn, baby. You are so sexy,” I softly muttered, feeling compelled to vocalize it while reluctant to drown out the beautiful sound of her saliva filled mouth moving back and forth over the shaft of my penis.

Between blissfully long blinks, I had a brief moment of insecurity as it dawned on me how erotic I found the look of my slender wife’s body being hugged by her garments as she moved slowly back and forth on her elbows and knees. The question of whether or not I ought to feel guilty for finding these emblems of our covenants sexy was one that I have since pondered at length, but in the moment it was a merely a passing curiosity, quickly forgotten as her tempo and depth increased, as if inspired by my affirming words.


“It seems to me that all words have their place, in a way. They exist to accomplish something and can be used to achieve worthy ends in one context and be harmful in another.

Can I get someone to open to Ephesians 4:29 and read?”


“Oh, my gosh, sweetie. You are so good at this,” came my husky whisper, as I stroked a lock of her beautiful hair behind her ear.


“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers,” came the soft, thoughtful voice of the sister missionary’s new companion.

"This scripture talks about using words that edify. Some words seem to convey strong, negative feelings and would, in most contexts, be overwhelming for the listener. Most scriptures talk about avoiding harsh, angry, spiteful speech, but not particular words to be avoided."

"If a word or phrase is received in a way that feels demeaning, scary, or cruel, we are in violation of our obligation to love one another as the Savior loves us. But there may be times when strong language is appropriate to convey righteous indignation or even to inspire and uplift.”


Knowing that I did not have very long at this pace, I gently brought my hand to her jaw and guided her mouth from me.

“Thank you so much, baby. What do you need from me now?” I asked, fairly certain I knew what she would want.

Her lips glistening, she sat back on her haunches and said, with the purest, sweetest smile, “I need you to fuck me.”

The look on her face was one I knew well. She loved to say it but precisely because she NEVER says it. At least not around anyone but me.

The words rolled off her tongue in a way that simultaneously sounded expertly executed and yet also somehow like a rebellious youth trying it out for the first time to get a rise out of some authority figure.

“Of course,” I replied.

Biting my lip, I reached forward to grab her legs, swinging them in to position in front of her and pulling her damp bottoms off.


“When I was younger, someone at mutual once said that crap was a bad word,” which worried me a little since, in my home, crap was said pretty casually,” she proceeded with the lesson. “While I continued to say it at home and with friends, I didn’t resolve the issue for myself for several years and sometimes questioned whether I ought to be saying it.”

“You know those times when we experience ‘spiritual highs?’ Those stretches when you feel the Spirit super intensely- like at EFY, Girls Camp, or just during a period of testimony building? You just feel like you’re on Cloud 9 and things are just clicking?”


“Ugh, I groaned in to her ear, as I thrusted deeply yet fluidly within her. “You feel so good, baby.”

“Mmm, so do you,” she sighed into my cheek.


“During a particularly spiritual stretch I was having during college, a mentor of mine- an indisputable spiritual giant- gave me a compliment. He said, ‘Holy crap!’ with a sort of excited smile that clearly indicated his use of the word was to show me just how intensely excited for me he was. Not only did the Spirit not leave us in that moment, I felt the fruits of the Spirit even more intensely in the immediate aftermath of his outburst.”


Pushing up to rest more squarely on my knees, creating some space between our two torsos, I pulled her hand to where our bodies were still intimately connected.

“I wanna watch you play with this pussy,” I softly uttered.

She nodded, shot me a quick smile, and closed her eyes as the pads of her finger tips began to rub slow circles around her concealed clitoris.

“Good girl,” I whispered, my elbows cradling the backs of her knees, my thrusting slow and deep, primarily to keep myself from finishing too soon, “I want to watch you cum all over my cock, baby.”

My words prompted a tension in her face I knew meant she would not be long.


“While I know not everyone has had this sort of experience, and I don’t expect everyone to agree, I think this experience confirmed for me that the word ‘crap’ was not always a bad word. That it could be used in a way that was in keeping with our commitment to using uplifting and edifying language. A dirty word, used in a way that adds goodness to the world or our relationships, is not truly a dirty word.”


“Cum for me, baby,” I encouraged, “I want you to cum so hard.”

“Are you gonna cum soon too?” she panted softly.

“Right after you,” I replied, “Where do you want me to cum?”

“Cum inside me?” she asked, making her own preference known while keeping the door open to my own.

“Cum where?” I said, through a half-mouthed grin.

She knew what I was getting at. I wanted to hear her use one of my favorite words and she knew it.

“Cum in my pussy.”

The words bounced around in my head like a pinball, hitting those invisible, mental erogenous zones only she knew existed. My thrusting continued its depth but increased its tempo.

Her hand sped up and her body began to tense as she neared her climax. The intensity of her contractions nearly forced me out of her but I was able to pull her to me until the quaking of her orgasm had begun to wane.

The tightness was exquisite for the few moments before my own orgasm. On my final thrust, I carefully fell in to my beautiful wife, dropping my face in to the crook of her neck and kissing her there, as the liquid heat of my orgasm pumped deep inside her.


That same striking woman continued her lesson, managing to impart her wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures in her characteristic way- with eloquence, kindness, and a sincerity that I could not imagine failing to touch the hearts of those in attendance.

One of the greatest blessings of my life has and continues to be the strength, beauty, and generosity of this amazing daughter of God, whose embracing of her divine sexuality has elevated my life beyond what I once thought possible. She is my angel and eternal companion and I count myself the luckiest man alive to have found her.

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Oct 05, 2021

I don't care what anyone says. Dirty talk just makes things better. Nothing will kill my hard on faster than saying something like, please put your penis in my vagina. I want to have sexual intercourse. "

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