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Fun While Hiking

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

In the summer of 2018 we went to the Oregon Coast for a big vacation with my parents and siblings and all their families. It had been a long time since we were all together at the same place, and we had a great time there for two weeks. My family (my wife and I and our then 3 year old and a 1.5 year old) were assigned a small bedroom with a bunk bed and crib. The cramped conditions naturally put brakes on our love life, which sucked because she had only recently begun to really recover her libido from giving birth and breastfeeding. So, one day we got the grandparents to watch the kids for the afternoon and went for a hike in the woods near the beach cabin we were staying in.

We had only gone about a mile up the trail when I noticed that we were alone and asked for a break “to catch my breath”. I sat down on a log and pulled her into my lap and we started making out and groping each other. I then stood up and took her hand and we went off the trail into a thickly wooded area, where we really started to get hot and heavy.

It wasn’t long before she had her hands in my pants, and I was getting harder and harder. My hands found their way under her shirt and bra and I was massaging her breasts which were still a bit tender from weaning the month before. All the while we kept making out like two horny teenagers.

Pretty soon she fumbled around and undid my belt, and then pulled my pants down, and then dropped to her knees on the mossy ground and started sucking me off with a ton of enthusiasm. It felt amazing, and I leaned back against a nearby tree while she teased me with her tongue and lips and fondled my balls.

Then as suddenly as she started she stopped, got up and I could tell exactly what that look meant after nearly a decade together - she wanted it bad. I pulled down her pants and started to finger her to loosen her up and get her wet. I took a condom out of my wallet and put it on (we weren’t ready to get pregnant again just yet!) and pulled her over to stand on a nearby log that was just right to help accommodate our height differences. She pulled off one boot, and then the pants off that leg, and wrapped it around me as I slowly entered her while continuing to make out with her. She was so tight and wet that I almost came on the spot, but I tried breathing slowly and kept at it until we had a good rhythm going. Then I felt her begin to climax, as her hand that had been on the back of my head began to pull my hair tight while the other hand gripped my back. She tightened around my shaft as I kept pumping in and out and then began to shake with the pleasure of release.

After she finished she wordlessly pulled off of me, and then turned around and bent down, holding onto a branch, presenting the perfect angel for me to enter her from behind. I could see the after effect of her orgasm leaking down the inside of one of her thighs. She groaned with pleasure as I reentered her, and as I started to get a good rhythm going again she reached back and cupped my balls. That sent me over the edge and I had one of the most intense orgasms I have ever felt.

We went on with our hike after that and came back to the cabin shortly afterwards. The only signs of our little adventure were the dried mud on our pants, the smiles on our faces, and more than a few mosquito bites hidden in very personal places.

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Outdoor sex is the best! I love that your wife is willing to do this. You're a luck man :-)

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