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Holiday Playtime

This happened last Christmas/New Years Eve.

My husband wanted to stay at my parents' house with the kids after Christmas to stay closer to his family while I went back to work for a few days since the busiest time for my company is at the end of the month.

We had been having some dry spells with him going to school, the holidays, me being busy at work, and small kids. We had sex once in the shower at my parents house on Christmas, but it wasn't anything that lasted much time and only left me sexually frustrated.

I drove home the next day and my husband didn't say anything about it until I got home. He started texting me how sorry he was that he hadn't given me much and only wanted to make up for it. We texted each other non stop for the next 5 days, saying how horny we were and what we wanted to do to each other, and sending multiple dirty pictures.

I was at work in a different area than usual and it gave me more privacy. I was so nervous my boss would come look over my shoulder to see my antics, but it never happened. Took a couple extra "bathroom breaks" to sneak a few of those dirty pictures too.

Finally it was New Years Eve and I could make it back to my parents! It's a 2 hour drive down a mostly deserted highway, not much cell service. It was dark and I was looking out for animals with a half hour in my drive to go.

Suddenly I got extremely horny. More than I had been all week, which was already a lot! My g-spot started to ache and hurt, needing some kind of release. I thought about pulling over and looking for something to use as a dildo, when I spotted the long handled ice scraper on the passenger floor.

I had wanted to be comfortable during the drive, so I wore sweats on the trip. I wiggled them down, going 70 on cruise control down the highway in pitch black darkness. I reached over for the ice scraper and moved my hips down enough that I could insert the handle inside me. No lube needed, I started masturbating, getting some friction and trying as hard as possible to achieve an orgasm and get some relief from the aching inside.

After 10 minutes or so, I could not reach the right spot, my hips could not go far enough without me potentially crashing, and stopping was not an option. I finally gave up satisfied enough for now, threw the scraper down, and pulled my sweats up. I raced the last 10 minutes, and got there with a couple hours of time to celebrate the holiday with family.

When midnight hit, everyone cheered, one kid was in bed, and my mom was putting the other to bed when she went herself. My husband and I snuck away to our room, down the hall 10 feet from the celebration and behind 2 closed doors. We didn't even lock the door and started going at each other, making out like teenagers, bringing back many memories we had had before marriage when we were dating in high school.

Clothes were coming off as fast as possible, I desperately wanted him inside me. I got onto the bed, he climbed on top and easily slipped in. After almost a week of being horny as hell, it was amazing relief! He grabbed onto the headboard and used it as leverage.

He said, "We didn't lock the door. There's a huge party a few feet down the hall. Anyone could walk in at any minute."

I moaned so loud, "Babe that is so hot!"

"I know, right? Wish this situation could happen more often!"

I had a lot of extended family at the party, probably close to 40 people on the other side of the wall, and no one knew what we were doing. My husband is not one to be super "naughty"; it showed me how horny he was and how much he wanted me.

I wanted to get on top and ride; control the pace and go hard. My nails dug into his abdomen, I grabbed the headboard this time and moved as if my life depended on it. He finally couldn't take it anymore and released inside me. It caused me to cum hard.

The whole room smelled like us. I laid down beside him and we cuddled for a while, listening to the sound of other people still at the party. We cleaned up and fell asleep after a while. That was the first time in years my husband wanted dirty, hot sex at my parents house.

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I love it when I get that worked up. I never heard of using an ice-scraper while driving, you must have been very wet.


That is a very hot story.

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