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Skinny Dipping

For years Diana had wanted a hot tub for our backyard. It was something I had often dreamed of as well, so one year, we finally bought one. It was gently used but it served our purposes well. It didn’t take me too long to learn Diana’s major objective with the hot tub.

She wouldn’t be very interested in soaking in the tub unless it was nighttime and the kids were already asleep. When the stars aligned (pun intended) in those moments, we would go out back with nothing on but our bathrobes. Diana loves to skinny dip and getting to spend naked time in the hot tub is somehow simultaneously thrilling and relaxing for her.

After quite a few months of skinny dipping, Diana decided to take her hot tub excursions even further. Now, it has almost become fairly ritualistic as to how soaks in the hot tub turn out.

On a given day, I’ll receive a text from Diana: “Hot Tub Tonight?” That’s enough to stoke my sexual fire. I’ll go out to the hot tub the moment I get home and turn up the heat so that it’s nice and warm once the sun’s down and the kids are asleep.

Once the kids are down, I go into the bedroom and strip down to nothing. I’ll throw on my robe and head out to the hot tub. We have automatic motion lights on our patio, but just before heading outside, I turn them off so that we don’t draw extra attention to our steamy interlude. Once outside, I take the cover off the hot tub and remove my robe. My wife takes a bit longer getting herself ready, so I slide into the warm water and relax, allowing the sensations of the heated liquid to caress every part of my nakedness. As I soak, the warmth affects my genitals, causing my scrotum to soften and my balls to feel more buoyant. My cock, though flaccid still, grows a bit in size. The sensations are freeing and I sit back, relishing the sensations the heated water brings.

After a few moments, Diana opens the door and steps out onto the patio. Her long dark hair is pulled back into a messy bun to keep from getting wet. I hungrily watch her as she saunters over to the entrance of the hot tub. The black robe wrapped around her body accentuates all of her sensual features and I admire the way the fabric clings to her breasts and her butt.

She approaches the hot tub and steps up the short stairs. peels the black robe from her body. It often depends upon the phase of the moon on a particular night, but the moon’s light combined with the lights from the surrounding city and neighborhood gives her olive complexion a translucent glow— like a marble statue from the Roman Empire. The cool of the night has an immediate effect on her nipples and I watch them instantly harden at the evening air’s crisp touch. This, in turn, has an effect on my own body as I feel my penis become semi-erect as I admire the view.

She steps into the hot tub and I watch as she slides down into the water, the clear liquid embracing every part of her, up to the top of her beautiful tits, which have now begun floating. We chat for a while and I stare at Diana’s chest practically the whole time. Her creamy breasts and the tops of her dusky areolas peek out just above the water’s surface. Inside, I’m really horny, but I know not to push too quickly or Diana will feel too pressured and it becomes a quick turn-off.

While we keep chatting, I reach over and turn on the jets. Our tub has two settings— low and high. The high setting is loud enough that we can’t carry on a conversation, so I leave it on low for now.

The conversation continues. As much as I try to stay engaged in the topic at hand, I am definitely distracted. The low current is strong enough to play with Diana’s tits ever so slightly. The lightly Bob up and down with the current. Meanwhile, I’m sitting over a jet meant to massage sore leg muscles. Instead, the current swirls around my cock, keeping it in a semi-hard state and ever so slowly ramping up my arousal. Though feigning intense engagement on the topic Diana is discussing, I move my feet around under the water. My foot inches toward Diana’s crotch. I brush my toes against her labia. Diana stops mid sentence and looks at me. I give a little mischievous grin. She smiles and shakes her head at my brazenness. It’s enough to acknowledge that I’m up to my “typical” flirting, but I know it’s not a flat out refusal of my advances.

She’s wrapping up the conversation and as I respond with a comment that reassures her I have been paying attention, I slide my big toe against her pussy lips, pushing just enough to slightly insert, but not so much to cause any discomfort or scratches from my toenails. She moans a low, guttural moan and coyishly asks what I’m up to. I grin and shrug at the same time. She moves in close, pressing her breasts against my chest. Her lips press against mine and we kiss. It’s a deep, sultry kiss and I can tell that she’s ready for what she came outside for in the first place.

Reaching past me, Diana presses the button that turns the jets to high. She plants one more kiss on my lips and moves over to straddle one of the jets. It’s her favorite jet that provides the right amount of force. This jet is intended to work on the back muscles and provide a nice medium massage to one’s back. In this case, Diana prefers the way it massages her pussy— particularly her clit.

The height of the jet on the tub wall requires Diana to raise herself up out of the tub enough so her breasts are completely out of the water. The water level comes to the small of her back. The way she is leaning over the jet makes her tits dangle freely. Anxious to be an active part of this experience rather than a simple observer, I situate myself at Diana’s side. One hand ever so lightly caresses her ass just below the water. With my other hand, I go to work on her tits, grazing her erect nipples with an occasional flick with my thumb.

When we are doing this, it doesn’t take long for Diana to reach full arousal. I hear her whimpering with pleasure as her climax builds. I sense her hardened nipples go even harder as the orgasm washes over her. She cries in stifled ecstasy, trying to not draw the attention of any neighbors who may be out. Sometimes, she’ll reach over, mid-climax and kiss me hard to muffle her moans of pleasure.

Meanwhile, my already stiff erection becomes even harder as I’m turned on by this outdoor display of raw sexiness. Some nights, it’s all I can do to hop out of the tub, throw on my robe, and hurry inside to finish my portion of our lovemaking in our bedroom.

This night, however, I’ve come prepared. As Diana recovers from her orgasm, I reach into the pocket of my robe and pull out a condom. I don’t want to leave evidence of our passion in the water, so the only way to finish off in the hot tub is with the rubber. I tear open the package and quickly slide the latex over my still raging hard on.

I sit back on one of the molded seats in the hot tub and immediately Diana comes over to me. She straddles me and lowers her pussy onto my throbbing erection. With jets still swirling the water, she begins bobbing her whole body up and down on my engorged member. This turns me on so much as her nipples and areolas play hide and seek with the surface of the water. The water gives her whole body a buoyancy that is different

enough from her weight I am accustomed to, that it almost feels as though I’m having sex with a different person. That micro-fantasy is enough to send me over the edge.

I thrust upwards as my warm semen filled the condom buried deep within my wife’s pussy. A few more thrusts of ecstasy as I empty myself. Two more passionate kisses and we exit the hot tub. Throwing on our robes to fight the evening chill. I can’t help but wonder when we’ll come skinny dipping out here again.

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Life goal to have a hot tub for this reason!

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