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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Why do we love stories? Why do we NEED stories?

Stories entertain us- they excite, scare, outrage, and inspire. They also provide opportunities to explore situations, ideas, and feelings, for fun and in pursuit of greater enlightenment.

Whether fiction, non-fiction, or scripture, stories help us learn, grow, prepare, and heal. They provide helpful insights through both the successes and missteps of their characters, including villains, allowing us to see the implications of ideas, the potential consequences of actions, and empathy for those grappling with the challenges portrayed. We gain comfort from seeing our own challenges reflected in to the experiences of others and knowing we are not alone.

For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, stories play an enormously important role in our development, both temporal and spiritual. We read stories about so many things- except sex.

Despite being acutely aware of our sexuality being an ever present part of our existence, in this life and the next, it is almost ENTIRELY absent from our stories, with some exceptions in cautionary tales. It is this absence that I hope this website will begin to address, hopefully being received by most in the loving, generous spirit with which it is intended.

Now, before I continue on to brainstorming ideas for possible stories, let me address a few important concerns some are sure to have:

Yes, I expect the majority of the the stories to be published on this website to be explicitly sexual and arousing by nature. Under a broad definition, yes, that makes these stories porn. I expect that readers will be turned on by reading and will want to express that in some way, whether alone or with a partner.

These stories are intended for those old enough to be making their own decisions regarding the appropriate expression of their sexuality and eroticism. Though the goal is that couples will use these stories to enhance their shared sex lives, the fact that single individuals will find and enjoy these stories as well is not unexpected nor of serious concern. Though disagreement exists regarding the acceptability and goodness of actively nurturing sexual imagination and masturbating while not married, it is the creator of this site’s belief that private, personal erotic exploration, even prior to marriage, are preferable to the underdevelopment of this wonderful aspect of our personhood.

Similarly, some may be concerned that to share the fruits of contributors’ erotic imaginations (likely inspired to some degree by their own sexual experiences) is akin to sharing their sexuality with strangers, an immoral violation of their marriage covenants.

The requirement that all stories be published pseudonymously addresses part of this concern, in that it removes the specific individuals from their stories, allowing them to benefit others without “letting them in” to the author or couple’s lives in any practical sense.

Additionally, I would encourage anyone concerned about this to consider the ease with which individuals in the church often disclose negative elements of their individual and marital sexual experiences- in Priesthood interviews, therapy, support groups, online, in gatherings of friends, etc.- and never consider that their sharing is a violation of their commitment to chastity. In the same way that someone offering admonishment is hoping to guide another down a path they believe will bless their life, so too is someone providing sexual guidance through narrative.

With that out of the way, let me try to generate some ideas for prospective contributors that may inspire you to write and share. These are ideas, themes, feelings, topics etc. that could play some role in the stories written for submission.

* Inhibitors to good sex and overcoming them (guilt, shame, exhaustion, physical

limitations, conflict etc.)

* Libido differences and moments of compatibility

* Differences and similarities in sexual tastes

* The process of sexual discovery- the sexy, sad, comical…all of it

* Tension between desires and values

* Bonding and healing through sex

* Sex as an outlet for creative energy

* Sex at different ages and phases of life

* The role of fantasy in marriage and life

* “Good enough” sex

* Tension between spiritual feelings and erotic feelings and perspectives that help them feel


* Honesty and vulnerability

* Gratitude

* Generosity

* Longing

* Forgiveness

Far from being an exhaustive list, I hope these ideas will merely stimulate conversation and spark the imaginations of all who read it, unleashing the creative energies of readers who would like to be a part of this project. It is my sincere desire for this website to be a blessing to those who use it, helping them to integrate their eroticism in to their lives more fully in order to nourish their relationships and enjoy their divine nature as sexual beings.

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