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Voting is Open!

Sorry for the delay. Had to get the last couple of stories up (submitted before midnight last night).

It's time to open up the voting for the contest!

Because the polls were only created this morning, and I promised 7 days of voting, we will close the voting at noon next Tuesday, March 8th.

Feel free to read and/or re-read stories before making your decision. Also, if you're brave, feel free to share these stories with others, either to increase your own story's chances of winning or to boost your favorite.

You can find both polls by clicking on the two pics below. Remember, you do have to sign up for Full Access to vote (but it's totally free and why not?).

Also, one last thing. You may have noticed a few new ads showing up underneath some stories. The newest ones are for a new company in Utah called Ziva. I was recently introduced to the couple who runs the company and could not be more excited about their mission to provide intimate health services for women, including some cutting edge medical treatments for female incontinence and arousal issues. If you're looking for options to improve your sexual health, please, check them out. They're amazing!

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