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Let me explain...

Here at Pure Passion, we believe that each individual’s sexuality and eroticism are unique and wonderful gifts, with the potential to bless their life immeasurably. In some communities, however, the sacredness of the sexual relationship is often approached in such a way as to inadvertently create counterproductive fear, anxiety, and shame, which can have a negative impact on the development of erotic templates and the embracing of perspectives that allow for consistent, vibrant sexual relationships.

In most areas of life, we are able to seek out role models whose footsteps provide useful guidance for our own lives. Most of us, however, have not had erotic role models to help us to understand, discover, and embrace our own unique sexuality in pursuit of creating fulfilling sexual relationships. We are perhaps told about penises going in vaginas and the conception of children but never have painted for us a picture of what enjoyable sex can look, feel, sound, smell, and taste like.

For many, this leaves anxiety-provoking questions and assumptions that make building a pleasurable, passionate, exciting, and bond strengthening sexual connection difficult.

The purpose of this website, and the steamy stories therein, is to provide a space for Latter-day Saints to explore their own eroticism by reading stories written by fellow Saints about their own sexual experiences and turn ons, providing, with security and privacy, models for what real, healthy, coupled sexual relationships can be like.

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