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A Big Day

My hand rested on top of hers, resting gently on the wide wooden arm rest of the custom rocking chair, the set of which had arrived that day, all 5 lined up on the west facing side of the wrap around porch. It was early May in Oklahoma- her first. 

The horizon couldn't decide what it wanted to be- dark, brooding, imposing or soft and soothing. Storm clouds rolling in slowly while the falling sun passes through the mess of things kicked up in the air, giving us a fun mix of colors, including that awful orange I still haven’t convinced her to stop loving. 

“The song doesn’t quite do it justice, does it?” I asked, knowing she wouldn’t be sure what I meant. 

She looked over to let me know I had her attention. 

“The waving wheat smelling sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain. That’s what it smells like right now.” 

She paused for a moment, looking forward again, thoughtfully staring off. 

“Smells fresh. And clean. New and optimistic. Like Spring should smell.” 

“Kinda how you look right now,” I offered, running my eyes over her. 

We had spent the day in the sun and she had finally gotten a chance to use the extra large, stand alone tub we’d decided on for the master bathroom. She’d thrown on a new, flowy white dress she’d recently bought to wear over her swimsuit at the pool. Looked like an angel but that would be too corny for her, so I kept it to myself. 

She looked back to me, waited a moment, flashed a cheesy smile, eyes squinting with mock pride. 

“Must be the humidity. Tough re-adjustment but has been great for my skin.”

“This place is even steamier, now that the the two of us are here,” I said with a wink, rubbing her knuckles with my thumb. 

She took a soft, intentional breathe, closed her eyes and muttered, “Don’t start with that dirty talk unless you’re planning on doing something about it.” 

She kept her eyes closed as a she seemed to fight against the smirk stretching across her face. She knew I never needed much more invitation than that. 

Without speaking, I rolled myself up from my seat and turned to stand in front of her slender, lace covered body. Her lips tightened and widened even more as she playfully half opened one eye to look up at me. 

“What if the boys come out?” she asked, the tone of her voice clearly indicating she needed only the slightest reassurance. 

I gripped the armrests of her chair and knelt down in front of her. 

“They all passed out while you were in the tub,” I casually reported, sliding my hands up her thighs to her waist.

She pushed her head back and her chin up, taking a deep breathe and letting me slide her butt toward the front of the seat. 

“It was a big day,” she offered, pulling her bare feet up to the rest on the curved wood, as I slid the thin fabric of her dress up and over her knees. 

“Yes…it…was…” I murmured between kisses to her inner thigh, trailed teasingly toward the apex of her thighs. 

“A…great…day…” my lips lingering just to the left of hers…

”And…about…to…get…better…” I assured, my lips more open, insistent, and languid, as I work my way over and across to her other thigh, in delicious procrastination. 

“Why must you always tease me so much?” She playfully whined, rolling her head to the side, pushing back in to the cushion. 

“Because…” my lips landing firmly on her soft cleft, feeling it part under the weight of my mouth before I pulled away once again.

“…it…is…my…favorite…thing,” my mouth drawing her in between each word, as though I were eating the most delicious peach ever picked.

“…to feel you respond…to watch what I can do to you…it’s heaven…”

My thumbs inched their way to the taut skin to either side of her adorable little folds, pulling just enough to separate them fully, watching the pooling wetness escape her pulsing center. 

I needed no more provocation. 

Surgically for a brief moment, followed by voracious abandon, I tasted her, as I had hundreds of times before, but with an urgency as though it might somehow be my last. 

She tasted as sweet as the air smelled and my head swirled as it always did, like a storm moving across the prairie with its beautiful chaos. 

It is always at this moment where my own sense of time becomes unreliable, never knowing with certainty how long I selfishly linger, indulging in a primal urge to remain lost in pure arousal. 

My tongue stroked and played across the length of her lips, sucking them in, as if to extract the secrets of the universe from the heat between her legs, worshipping my way to her clit, where she would be rewarded for her patience. 

When the width of my tongue finally returned to rest firmly on that tiny little heartbeat, I finally felt the familiar but always exhilarating feeling of two soft hands pressed firmly in to the back of my head, my reminder that she trusts me enough to take what she needs in those moments, knowing nothing pleases me more. 

It was then that I was finally in position to attempt what had been my design all along. 

My hands moved from their usual place around her the softness of her hips and thighs to the frontmost portion of the rockers of the chair. As I pressed my palms toward the floor, her hips slipped down slightly, along with the chair, stroking her down the length of my tongue. 

The chair naturally rocked back again with little effort, repeating the experience. 

The results were everything I had hoped for. 

Again, I became lost in my senses, including the now rhythmic sounds of the chair against the porch, coupled with her moans and labored breathing. 

As she got closer and closer to orgasm, my own moans became a rolling hum, craving the satisfaction of feeling her cum against and into my mouth. 

I sighed in to the moment as she pressed me down hard in to her and let out a muted gasp, shuddering in to the waves of contractions that we would ride out together, as always, my lips working to coax out every last hedon of pleasure.

As her breathing slowly normalized, I planted a final kiss between her legs and sat back. 

I pulled her dress back down and stood myself up in front of her, watching her eyes slowly open, her body relaxed in to a puddle but also clearly innervated. 

“If you can get me up to the bed, you can do anything you want with me,” she half joked. 

“Done,” I said, reaching out my hands to pull her from the chair. 

Though tempted to throw her over my shoulder and carry her, I thought better of it and merely wrapped my arms around her from behind and slowly walked her through he door and up the stairs…

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Nicely done story!

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