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A Covid Fantasy

I knew I was awake but had no idea what time it what was. There was no hint of light from the window, but dawn could not be far off. I had struggled to fall asleep then slept unevenly. I last looked at the clock at 2:00 AM. My senses gradually sharpened as my mind and body awoke. In the silence I could nearly hear my heart beating. I could feel a throbbing between my legs. As I often did, I awoke with a hard on, but this morning was worse because I had had no physical contact for 2 days—I was in COVID quarantine.

As I lay in the darkness I longed for touch and connection, I longed to be taken forcefully until I would crumble in sweet orgasmic release. But it would be a few more days. I couldn’t wait. My body was alive, sensitive, and excited. I slid my hand beneath my underwear and found my erect cock. Oh the things I would like done to him right now. My fingertips grazed the head of my cock tingling with desire.

My thoughts turned to her as they always did. In my mind I could see each feature of her gorgeous body. Her hazel eyes twinkled mischievously, and her luscious curls—brown with gentle highlights hung to her shoulders. Her lips, with an unusual hint of red looked badly in need of kissing. I imagined the soft inviting skin of her slender neck where it rose into her breasts. I loved to cup those breasts and lick and kiss the firm nipples. Her freshly manicured pubes barely hid the swelling labia and I longed to bury my face in her pussy.

Just as I was about to taste her, I heard a scuffing on the hardwood floor outside the door. My passionate reverie broken, my ears strained to hear. Likely a cat had returned from a midnight excursion. The door to my room lightly creaked as the cat entered, but there was no soft meow as I was accustomed to hearing. All was silent and dark.

Her unexpected voice startled but thrilled me. “Are you hard? I’m wet and I want you inside me.”

Was this a quarantine dream? “Put a mask on, I don’t want to take unnecessary chances.” I quickly complied and remained prone on the bed pulsing with anticipation.

“I know you won’t be able to keep your hands off me so I’m going to make it easy on you. Put your arms out.” I felt a gloved hand firmly take my left wrist and then the familiar tightening as the wrist cuff closed.

This was better than any dream I remembered. She repeated the movement with my right arm then pulled them above my head and secured them to the underbed restraints. I would not be touching her, but as long as she touched me, I wouldn’t mind.

She ran her fingers slowly down my chest then traced the curves of my thighs down to my calves. Suddenly my cock was in her familiar hands and she gently squeezed and pumped it. My body responded immediately, impulsively, as pre-cum emerged from the head.

She released me teasingly, “Not so fast, I have much more to do to you.” She pulled my underwear off and forcefully spread my legs. Soon my ankles were fixed tightly to the bed.

I was completely at her mercy and I hoped she would take what she wanted. “Where should I start?” she laughed, “You don’t seem to have much say.” “Maybe I should just go back to sleep and leave you here like this?”

“Oh please no! Do whatever you want, but let me cum!”

“I’m not sure I feel that kind. I’m coming first and then we’ll see about you.”

There was just enough light from the windows for me to see her slip her top up over her head and her boobs gently bounce. She stepped into a silky pair of panties and laid on top of me, the skin of our torsos and chests merged delightfully and I instinctively tried to wrap my arms around her only to realize they were secured.

Looking down over her shoulders I could see the rise of her ass, two soft round cheeks I desperately wanted to squeeze. This would be harder that I thought, but probably better too.

She nestled her legs astride my left leg and gently began to thrust up and down. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back and was absorbed in the moment. My erection grew firmer as I watched her give way to her passion.

The pace of her thrusting increased as she rode my flexing leg and I could feel her moisture soaking through the panties. Her pelvis came to a rest on my knee momentarily and then she began to grind forcefully, using the resistance of my knee to stimulate her clitoris.

As her arousal surged she pressed harder against me. An involuntary murmur of ecstasy turned into a lustful moan as she neared orgasm. I wanted to help get her there but there was nothing I could do in my condition. She continued aggressively to wrap her writhing body around my leg and her body pulsed until she reached climax.

She clung to my leg and I could feel her body gradually relax. “Now wasn’t that a nice start to the day? I think I’ll shower now.”

She had to be kidding, right? She wouldn’t leave me worked up and so horny, would she?

She stood up at the foot of the bed and turned away from me so I could see the full curves of her back and butt. She knew I was staring.

“Oh, you like that do you? If you are patient, I might come back.”

With that she stepped into the bathroom and I heard the shower start. Soon steam was passing through the bathroom door. Moments later she returned wearing a towel that covered only her sexiest parts. I remained strapped to the bed with a boner pointing upwards. She dropped the towel and gave me a good look slowly turning in a circle.

She climbed on the bed and straddled my hips, looking down into my eyes. “I can’t kiss you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your mouth to use elsewhere.”

She removed my mask, turned around, and dropped her ass right in my face.

My tongue caressed her cheeks and my lips nibbled and sucked. “I know we’ve never done this before, but would you like to try rimming?”

I don’t remember if she said it or I did, but we both knew we wanted to in the moment. She placed her hands on her butt, spread her cheeks and leaned forward to lower her asshole within reach of my mouth. I began at her perineum and worked my tongue gently along each fold and crease of her skin drawn towards her other hole. She tasted faintly of shower gel as I lapped my tongue around the edges of her recess. She murmured in delight as I flicked and teased.

“Your turn,” she said, turning around again to look me in the eyes. “I could ask you what you want, but I think I know.”

Her moist lips met my chest and left faint trails of lip stick as she worked her way down my abdomen. She enveloped my cock with her mouth and circled the head with her tongue. I closed my eyes in anticipation but opened them immediately when she pulled back.

She reached into the nightstand drawer and opened a container of coconut oil. This was only going to get better from here. On her warm hands the oil’s consistency changed instantly. As she rubbed my swollen cock I could feel the last chunks dissolve into that unique smooth and slippery wonder. The delightful sound of her stroking my dick sent me soaring.

It’s hard to describe the pleasurable squishing noise the plentiful oil makes as she clenches me. With two hands she explored my balls and glistening shaft, working me into a frenzy.

“I think I’m ready to take you all the way in my mouth,” she whispered. “Oh, please!” I exclaimed.

She continued to fondle my scrotum and caress my penis with her hands as she returned her hungry mouth to my manhood. The scent of coconut oil filled my senses. The sounds of her devouring my cock left me trembling—the slurping was intoxicating.

Licking, sucking, and stroking sent me quickly to the verge of orgasm. We made eye contact and I raised my eyebrows in silent inquiry. Without losing contact with my cock she nodded. I’ve never cum so hard. I could see the surprise on her face as I filled her mouth my cum. The convulsions continued until there was nothing left inside of me. As she pulled back she looked directly at me and slowly licked her lips to catch every last drop of me.

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