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A Little Road Head

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

One night, we were hanging with several friends playing games and having fun. Just to let you know about us, we are all very middle age 45 to 52 me being the oldest. My wife had a devious smile on her face all night and I had no idea why.

It was starting to get late for us old people at 10pm and everyone said their goodbyes and we all headed home. It was about a 30 min drive to our house from our friends. We got into our truck and got on to the freeway headed home when my wife started rearranging the center console, moving our drinks and phones.

Oh, we are going to snuggle I thought. I always love that. But before she flips that center console up, she unbuckles her seat belt and starts to get undressed.

Woo. This is different. She got completely stark naked and then flips up the console. I still thought she was gonna scoot closer and just cuddle but instead she reaches into her purse and pulls out her absolute favorite toy, which is her clit sucker.

Oh yeah, I get to drive on the freeway and be distracted and try to not die.. again. She sticks her finger in her pussy and plays with herself a bit, then brings her slutty little fingers up to my nose and asked if it smells good. Of course it smells good. I mumbled yes.

So she sticks those fingers in my mouth and tells me to suck them dry. I suck with everything I got. She then pulls the clit sucker down to her crotch and turns it on. She gets that look on her face and starts to softly moan. I reached over and massaged her breasts and pull on her tits a little. She is now in a world all to herself.

At this point I am doing my best to do 2 things, pull my shorts down and try not to crash. I succeeded to do both and wrapped my left hand around my stiff cock and start to jack off gently. This goes on for 5 or 10 miles (it's hard to keep track) with both of us escalating our enjoyment of the experience. Me jacking off harder and her turning up the intensity of her toy, repeatedly until.. ooooooooo, yesssssss, that feels so good.

She stuck her finger back in her pussy and then back in my mouth. Does my cum taste good she asked.. of course it did. She asked if I can adjust my seat any to give her better access. You better believe it can. I take a min and pull it as far away as I can and still be safe, also kicking up the steering wheel as far as it would go. This made driving itself exciting, not to mention what was about to happen.

We had never done this before and she maneuvered into a laying down position with her right hand cupping my balls, her left hand holding her up and then it started. She began just licking the head, she knows where the nerve centers are. Licking and then sucking just the head. Then up and down the shaft before swallowing as much of it as she is capable of.

I'm in total heaven. Life doesn't get better than this, does it? She sucked and played with my dick as long as her jaw muscles could hold out. (Again time has no meaning for me with the pleasure I was feeling, so I have no idea how long she was down there)

Let's face facts. It's every man's dream of getting road head, but... no one want to die doing it. It takes concentration to do both and even though I was thoroughly enjoying the most loving thing I could dream of my wife doing for me, there was no way I was gonna cum. I just couldn't multi task mentally to make it happen. That's OK, just means we were going to continue in bed when we got home.

As we got closer to home, she got dressed again and put her toy away. Meantime, getting shorts off while driving is infinitely easier than putting them back on. I had to wait until we stopped. She cuddled close which was all I thought she was going to do to begin with and kept me hard the rest of the way playing with my dick and my balls.

A few min later, we pulled into our driveway and she got out and went inside as I got dressed again. Our kids that are still at home are all older so we chatted with them as briefly as possible then headed to our bedroom.

We both stripped and got in bed. She continued where she left off till again her jaw couldn't take anymore. We were both hungry for intercourse anyway. She started on top and road me for a few minutes grinding her wet pussy on my cock. I pulled on her nipples and massaged her breasts again. She threw her head back and felt the rush of joy of the intimacy we were sharing.

Being still in a playful mood I grabbed her hair and pulled her down to my chest telling her to hang on. I'm gonna pound your pussy so hard. With that I raised my hips up and Jack hammered her as long as I physically could. When I was tired and couldn't continue in that position she turned around and road me reverse cowgirl for a bit. We like this position as it allows her great access to her clits with toys while I'm fully penetrated.

I handed her the pink wand and she placed it on her clit with it on full power. I could feel the awesome vibrations right through the thin walls of her vagina. She is grinding again and I do my best to get a rhythm and match her. Even with the vibe getting both of us off, I can never cum in this position so eventually we go to our finisher, which is almost always doggy style. Not sure why this is best for me but it is. Maybe it's the view, I love looking at her ass as I'm pounding her pussy.

She again puts her hand between her legs with the pink wand. It drives us both wild. I drive my dick hard into her over and over. I stop only once to slap her ass hard with my hand, hard enough to leave a hand print. I can't last long like this and I don't. Three min of hard slapping of bodies and I let go, trying to drive my dick as far into her as I could.

For another min I pulsed cum Into her wet hole and ground my cock into her as hard I could. I collapsed onto her back and was breathing heavily, exhausted from the workout, but tried to show my love with gentle kisses all over her backside, from her neck to her butt cheeks. I had the whole of my weight on her which she really likes. No she never came a second time but it didn't matter she said. She came once and so did I. We rolled over eventually and spooned while we fell asleep. What an exciting evening.

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