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Airport Pickup

I picked my wife up at the airport. She had been gone for a few days, so just seeing her turned me on, and it was obvious the feeling was mutual. I gave her a smooch and threw her bags in the car. As we were driving away she asked if we could pull over and have sex somewhere soon. "Yes we can. The bag of toys is behind your seat", I had texted to let her know I would bring some of her favorite toys. I grabbed a towel from the backseat and handed it to her. She sheepishly pulled her pants off, then her garments and sat on the towel. It was a massive turn on to have my wife take her pants off before we even get on the freeway. The fact that I could see her coochie because of the full moon didn't escape either of us, my cock was hard.

I love how my wife smells and tastes, and I could smell how turned on she was. She asked me to hand her the bag. My cock got harder. She sorted through bag and chose her blue silicone dildo. She started rubbing her labia with the toy pointing down.

I kept glancing over, just knowing she was doing it was enough for me, but seeing it was amazing. The faces that she makes during sex are hot. Her right foot moved to the dash board, I heard her whimper. I glanced over to see the toy fully inserted. My cock started trying to get out of my pants. The slow rhythmic movements of her pleasuring herself, her moans, and being able to see the toy glisten with her juices were HOT!

Her left foot went to the dashboard and my view improved. The toy would tug on her lips as she pulled it out, making them disappear when she pushed it back in. Her left hand started groping her tit through her shirt and bra, I could see her toy going in and out of her. She was so wet! Her grunts got louder and she started cumming, hardly moving the dildo at all now, mouth open in ecstasy, head leaned back.

I had a wet spot from my pre-cum as I had just watched my wife take care of herself. Damn, it was hot. "Did you like that?" she asked coyly.

"Yep! Anytime you would like me to drive you around while you do that, I'm in!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Thank you, I'll probably have you do that" she said, leaning her head back, while having a small orgasm.

I was enjoying what was happening. I could see all of her pussy. I could see her causuly resting the dildo on her inner thigh. We talked about her trip, how the flights were, all the weird people at the airports, and so on. "Can I do that again?" she asked.

"Use the dildo?" I asked with a big smile.

"Yes" as she started tapping her clit with the head of the toy, sqirming into position.

"Yes, Please!" I didn't hide my excitement and she started laughing.

"You really like this, don't you Kevin?" "Yes I Do!"

Both feet went to the dashboard, toy was fully inserted. "Cum hard for me", I requested.

The toy was covered in her juices, the moonlight reflecting of off it. Slowly, but surely she worked it in and out of her. Moving her hips around, finding the position. Her moans turned more to grunts and shouts. I kept glancing over at one of the most beautiful sights.

My wife, no pants, both feet on the dash, working a silicone penis in and out of her vagina, labia being pulled and pushed. She was so excited I could see her clit poking out. All and all the sexiest scene I have far.

Her orgasm made her yell "I'm cumming!". She would push it all the way in and hold it for a second, then pull it almost all the way out and do it again. This went on for three or four minutes and it was hot. With her head leaned back against the head rest, it looked like she was screaming in silence. She pulled the toy out and held it up, glistening with her lube.

"Did you bring anything to clean it?"

"Just the towel. Thank you for the show, Beautiful wife".

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