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All About Him

My husband got the promotion! Yay!! What we've been waiting for our whole lives- a salaried position and the possibility of stability and buying a home. We took the kids out to eat, had a nice dinner, celebrated as a family, but let me back up for a few hours.

I have been massively horny all day; no particular reason why. I have used my favored rabbit as well as my clit sucker multiple times in just one day. After my post workout shower, I got the kids breakfast then locked my door for over a half hour to have a hot, sweaty time with my vibrator that almost caused shower #2. My hips and lower back ached from straining for so long and my clit was so sensitive it was hard to clean up.

A few hours of errands and kids go by and I'm chatting with a friend and things are getting...spicy. I realized I need to masturbate again, not sure how since my clit was still feeling the affects of round 1. After I started, I couldn't stop. I kept needing more and more, aching to reach the pinnacle and feed the insatiable hole inside my groin.

Time kept going swiftly by and I felt the moisture continuing to build between my legs. I thought about changing my garment bottoms multiple times, lubricant continuing to grow even though my clit was half numb from the many assaults on the tiny nub.

When he got home, I asked if he wanted to go out and celebrate the possibilities coming up into our lives. I could still feel slight discomfort at dinner but wanted to see what else the night held for us. We had had sex 2 nights before, so I was unsure what my luck would be. We stopped at Walmart for a couple of things and while we were around for a few minutes, I tried at various times to make out with him or touch him in a few intimate places. It never turned into anything with 2 kiddos in tow, but I still kept my hopes up just in case.

With kids in bed, it was time for the moment of truth. His favorite place for sex is in the shower and I hoped there would be enough hot water for what I wanted to do. I asked if he wanted to get in with me and he readily agreed.

I stripped down fast and got the water started as he did the same and climbed in behind me. My thoughts and ideas were going so fast I didn't want to waste much time. I held him close under the water for a few minutes as we warmed under the spray. My hand reached for his body wash, squirting some into my hand, letting my hands roam his body.

He turned me around so he was outside of the water with his back against the wall so the soap could stay longer. Up and down his chest and stomach, rising up to behind his neck, back down, up again and into his hair. I could hear his small breathing coming through his lips the more I rubbed with intention and slow caresses. My hands would occasionally give my chest attention, both for mine and his viewing pleasure.

Going down his legs, I knew I was teasing him as he had to reposition from slipping down the edges of the tub over and over. Reading romance/erotic books had become a big part of my life again and I had been learning how to enjoy the "mundane", making it stand out and become more pleasurable. I twisted the hairs around the base of his cock around my fingers over and over, running my fingers through it all. My hand gripped around him and I felt the shudder overtake him. I began to stroke and felt him pulsing beneath my hand.

"Tell me," I whispered, kissing the stubble at his chin.

"I love you so much" he moaned back.

A few more pumps.

"You wanna fuck me, baby?"

"Yes...I do..." almost inaudible through his lips.

"Get behind me then. Take me and do it hard."

He let around a small groan and moved behind me, wasting no time in grabbing himself and positioning us both. I wondered if we would need some kind of lubrication, but one thrust made it clear that my day of "shenanigans" caused no tension at all as he slipped inside. I bent over to a 90 degree position to give us both a better angle as he began to take over. I love hearing the wet sounds of the water between us, and he was so deep I could still feel it hours later as I fell asleep. I started panting as he kept quickening his pace having no idea how long he had in him after all my teasing before. 

"Tell me, baby."

I've been wanting to get him to talk dirty to me more lately. It's one of my biggest turn-ons.

"I love it so much. You're so wet, it feels so good!"

More dirty talk continuing, but I knew I had less than a minute. I pushed back hard on the wall, willing an orgasm for all I was worth.

I felt him swell as I clenched around him, not a huge orgasm by any means, but after the day I had, I was not surprised. I stood up and instantly felt the affect he had on me. My legs were soft, I was more heady and dizzy than I had been with all my orgasms combined that day.

He kept sighing as well, trying to keep his feet and catch his breath. I leaned against his shoulder and let my head come down from the clouds. Even after all of that pleasure, this man still has no substitute and never will.

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Did he know about your previous play time?

Replying to

I told him after while we were coming down. I told him those lines almost exactly, that I had done it twice before that day but he made me the most lightheaded and he would have no substitute


I love how honest you are about wanting it and asking for it. And nothing beats going hard from behind with my wife. Excellent story.

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