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Anniversary Sex

This past month we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. Normally we go somewhere but with kids, especially a young one, it makes that so much more difficult.

So, this year I took a few days off and we just planned to spend time together. We hung out and had a great breakfast and went out shopping. While out shopping, my wife surprised me with pictures of her in the dressing room wearing nothing but a red thong.

She didn't realize I had slipped a blue little vibrator in her purse. After the picture I let her know about the vibe. She a few minutes later said there was a video for me waiting on her phone and texted a picture of the blue vibe that had some shinny color to it. I was throbbing and I knew she was dripping.

We got back home and she tossed me her phone while she put the baby down. This video was amazing! It was this little vibe sliding in and out of her pussy while she was completely naked in the dressing room! It was amazing!!! 

As she came out of the room she was back in just her red thong and had a hand full of toys. She brought out her favorite sucker, her favorite purple rabbit, a new vibrating dildo and the blue vibe. I asked if she wanted to try the anal plug that I got a few months ago. She was game for everything!

We started making out on the couch and dry (neither being very dry) humped each other. She went down on me first and sucked me good. She likes to suck on my balls and stroke my cock. It feels amazing.

She almost got me to the point of no return and  I flipped her around on the couch. She was now laying on her back while I sucked and tugged on her nipples. Her right hand had the sucker on her labia and clit. I hadn't used this dildo on her before and wanted to give it a spin.

She helped me guide it into her wetness and it pulled it right in. In and out, in and out, I pushed to her moans and wet pussy sounds. I traced my tongue around her mound, desiring to lick up this glistening pussy. She tasted amazing.

In and out the dildo continued as I had her take her sucker back onto her clit. I pulled the butt plug out and licked it up and gently guided it to her tight little ass. She moaned loudly. She's never been a big anal person but likes the exploration of it. In went the tip and little more of the plug followed suit.

The plug, the dildo the sucker, every toy doing it's job and she came hard again and again. Moaning and moaning. She had to have me in her.

We pulled the toys out and she got on all fours on our ottoman. My cock slid right in. She was ready! A few hard pumps and I exploded and so did she. We laid for a bit and went to clean up. 

16 years young our marriage is and hot as ever!

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