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Beat the Clock

I woke with a start, my body tingling... I had obviously been in the middle of some erotic dream. I look at the clock, 5:51… I turn my head behind me and my sweet man is sound asleep a foot away. His alarm goes off in nine minutes…. But the flutters coming from my nethers tell me I can’t wait that long.

I inch my body toward his, into little spoon position. My butt reaches his groin first, pressing the rest of my body as close as I can to his. Without a word one of his hands slides down my rib cage, under my arm and glides up to take one of my breasts in a full gently squeeze. He’s still half asleep. I thrust my butt a little harder to let him know this is a wake up call. A soft but tired “mmm” comes from his throat.

“What can you do to me in nine minutes?” I ask.

He’s awake now! He quickly sits up, looks at me as if to say “it’s on!” He turns to his nightstand and pulls out some mints… lol he knows I can’t kiss with morning breath. While I’m unwrapping my mint, he’s already chewing his as he jumps to his feet, quickly stripping down like a teenager in a comedy movie. He tumbles over his garmy bottoms back onto the bed. The enthusiasm is adorable and makes me giggle.

He jumps to the center of the bed, kneeling as he grabs my legs and pulls me to be centered beneath him. With one long tug, he whips off my bottoms exposing my bare lady bits to the cool morning air. He lifts one leg up to his lips, showering my ankle with kisses, keeping eye contact. Then licks me all the way up my inner leg, my body is tingling, dying to know what he has planned in our remaining seven minutes. But there was no plan… this was happening fast, purely improv.

When he reaches the intersection between my legs, he pulls apart my warm, throbbing lips and licks my pussy as if it was an ice cream cone on a hot day. He knew exactly what I needed. His moans with each firm, tantalizing lick led me to believe he needed this too. I was out of my mind…

His journey progresses up my naval, and stopped between my breasts. I currently had them in my own hands, squeezing as he explored my body. But I let go as the tip of his tongue moved toward my humble, yet perky left boob. His tongue making the same wide, firm licks as he had below. Taking turns devouring each nipple. It felt exquisite.

As he began kissing up my neck, I felt his rock hard cock land between my legs. I can’t take it any more. I need him in me… now. He knows this…

He wraps his arms tightly around my body and flips me on top. I love being on top, I slide his dick effortlessly into my overly lubricated vagina. I shudder as I dig my nails into his rib cage. A quick glance at the clock. 5:57… I know we’ll just keep going if that dumb thing goes off, but the rush of finishing this exhilarating quickie has me very hot and bothered.

Oh my gosh he feels so good… I start to thrust into him. I felt so high, as if out of my body. He’s biting his lip, groaning as he squeezes my legs. I start to hump and bounce quicker as he arches his back. I’m on the edge, my orgasm on the precipice. As it grows, I lay my body on his so my G-spot rubs against his groin… and with only a few more thrusts, a long gasp escapes my lips as my climax hits. Every inch of me catches fire and my body surges, then collapses on top of him.

I was immobile. My man is panting but I knew he wasn’t done.


NOOOOO! I couldn’t move but he gently slid out from underneath me and ripped the clock from the wall! I laughed and looked at him with my glazed eyes…

“I’m not done with you,” he said.

I was on my stomach as he climbed on top of me, laying all his weight on my back. He moved my hair from my neck and gently kissed it, kissing all the way down my back. I still couldn’t move. My body was not recovered. But he slid his hands under my hips and got me into his favorite doggy position. I was still sopping wet… he held his cock, gently moving it up and down my pussy before sliding it in. It still felt amazing. With his hands grasping my hips, his first thrust was dutiful, heavy and his breathing sounded relieved. He pulls out super slow, his body shivering. Thrust. Slow pull out. Holy, he felt so good. I knew he couldn’t hold off much longer….

He wrapped his hands around my body and started going to town.

“Holy shit babe, you’re so hot.”

I love making him swear. I also love the sound of our bodies slamming together.

“Go baby… mmm… come in me hard,” I replied.

His breathing got heavy and I could feel the sweat from his forehead on my back. Here he goes… one heavy thrust as he clenched his jaw and yelled behind his teeth. One more thrust, he let out a “holy shit.” One more thrust and he collapsed onto me… our bodies numb and overwhelmed from this spontaneous rendezvous.

“Should I just call in sick?” He asked, muffled in the bed sheets. We laughed and held each other until we had enough strength to start the day.

Whew…. I love this man.

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