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Best End to Fast Sunday

The end of the school year has brought a lot of stress to our household. Kids' assemblies, field days, graduations, etc. You name it we've had to be there and not where we want to be. Add that to Aunt Flo visiting the Mrs. makes for a whole lot of nothing between the sheets. This past weekend was a time to reconnect.

We spent Saturday at a graduation party and a date night. Before crawling into bed I pounced. Wildly took her clothes off and we made love. Very long and passionate sex as if we were both sex starved. We fell asleep naked in the bed and woke up the next morning. It was Fast Sunday. Lovely old Fast Sunday.

It was a typical Fast Sunday full of meetings and testimonies. My wife looked amazing in her Sunday best. After church came more meetings and I went home, tired from our late night rendezvous. Came into the room and wanted to lay down. My wife was with our 18 month old and putting her to sleep. I figured I'd rest my eyes for a bit.

What seemed to be less than 5 mins, I was awakened by my beautiful bride completely naked. She was on all fours and wanted to devour my body. She was horny and was not taking no for an answer.

She had laid the baby on some pillows and blankets and wanted me all to herself on the bed. We started to make out passionately. She slowly took off my clothes but once my lower half was free, she went straight down, leaving my white shirt and g top on.

She sucked me right in. I returned the favor. She tasted amazing. Her mound was warm and ready to be encompassed by my mouth and wet tongue. I licked and sucked on her swollen lips. She went from my tip to my shaft to my balls. Stroking with her hand when her mouth would go down to my balls. I was close and her moans sounded as if she wasn't far behind me.

This continued for a time until I was ready to penetrate her wetness. She had other plans. She wanted me. All of me. We had talked about her swallowing but she never was interested. She would sheepishly reply, "I'll get there eventually." Today was that eventually!!!

She grabbed my ass and motioned me to continue to penetrate her wet mouth. She would suck and stroke and suck and stroke. I was coming close. Knowing I had her permission to explode in her mouth helped me get to the point of no return.

I shoved all the blanks off the bed. I was hot and hard and ready to explode! Out the cum came and she continued to suck and suck and suck. She pulled my dick out and went to my balls. Suck and suck and suck. I couldn't breathe! I almost collapsed my naked body on top of her. 

I didn't know what to think. My smile was from ear to ear. She did it!! She swallowed my seed! I have thought about that moment for the last few days. I still get hot and horny thinking of it!  She ended her fast with my cum.

What an amazing day! We focused on her and got her a few O's with her toys. Later that night we ended with full on penetration to finish off the Sunday.

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1 Comment

Jun 06, 2022

What an amazing story! I love this depiction of pure lust. I'm writing one story now about blowjobs too.

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