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Cabin Surprise

It was late September and the week before our 15th anniversary. Money was tight and as much as we wanted to, a big vacations just wasn’t in the cards. I finishing a project at the home of a wealthy client when my wife called. 

“Hey babe. What’s up?” I asked. 

“Hey, I was just thinking. We have room on our line of credit. Maybe we should consider using that for our anniversary.” She posed the idea one that I had been thinking of for the last 5 days but just couldn’t justify. 

“I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I don’t think we should. We’ll do something big next year. We can save up. Usually you’re the frugal one, not me!”

“I know. I just really wanted this to be something special.”

“I know. Me too. Let’s talk when I get home. Maybe we can think something up. Ok? Love you”

A little bummed out, I got off the phone and started gathering my tools to head out when my client came out from his office. 

“Hey Marty! Big plans coming up?” He said taking me off guard. “I’m sorry, I overheard you on the phone. Sounds like you have some plans.”

“Huh? Oh, hey Scott. Uh no. Not really. That was my wife, Kate. It’s our anniversary next week and we had hoped to go on a big vacation for it but it’s not in the cards this year. We’ll figure something out though” I smiled, shrugged and continued my work. 

As I loaded the last of my gear in the truck, Scott came back out with an envelope in his hands. A lot of our clients pay in cash so I had assumed that’s what he was bringing. He handed me the envelope. It was too thin for the amount of money he owed. I took it and looked at him questioningly. 

“Like I said. I couldn’t help but over hear your conversation with your wife.” He gestured towards the envelope, “In there are the key codes to our cabin. I have printed off the all the information for you. I will make arrangements for my staff to stock it up with food for next weekend. I know it’s no trip to the Caribbean but the mountains are a great place to spend an autumn weekend and at my age, I just don’t get out there much this late in the season.”

I stared at him dumbfounded. “I-I can’t accept this,” I stammered and held the envelope back at him. 

“Absolutely you can and you will. You deserve it and more importantly, it sounds like your lovely bride deserves it.”

I shook Scott’s hand vigorously thanking him over and over, got in my truck and drove off. Excitedly, I drove home barely able to contain my excitement. 


“You have got to be kidding me!” Kate exclaimed as we drove up the long driveway. The cabin was just coming into view. The scene that unfolded before us was like something from National Geographic or the type of scene they make picturesque jigsaw puzzles from. The log cabin was smallish but exquisite. Perfectly landscaped and the autumn colors surrounding it were breathtaking. 

We went inside and made ourselves at home. Scott had come though for us. The cupboards and fridge were filled. He had even left us a gift basket with charcuterie and a bottle of wine. Even though we don’t drink, we were so touched by his kindness. 

It was late in the afternoon so we had the charcuterie for an early meal and went for a hike. It was getting dark by the time we got back and though it was late in the fall, it had been a warm day and we were exhausted. 

That’s when I noticed the hot tub on the front deck overlooking the lake. It was a sunken tub, level with the deck but from inside you would still have a perfect view of the lake and the mountains behind. 

“You wanna?” I asked with a wry grin. 

Kate looked back at me reading my expression and rolled her eyes playfully. 

“Let’s rinse off first” she said. “I’m sure Mr Scott wouldn’t want your sweaty body in his tub!”

I saw they had an outdoor shower by the tub so I made my way there. Kate went to the bedroom to use the en suite shower. She met me on the deck wearing a bathrobe I had wrapped a towel around my waist. 

“So, I guess since we’re alone… we won’t need bathing suits?” I said. For some reason, even though we’ve been married for 15 years and had 3 children together, I was feeling shy and a little more than excited.

“I guess not.” This time it was her with the wry grin. She dropped the bathrobe and she was completely naked. The way the moonlight hit her body made my head spin. Her perfect breasts shone in the soft light like magical globes. I have always felt so lucky to be married to a woman so beautifully proportioned. Even after 3 kids, her body still does it for me and standing there looking at her in that moonlight I realized that I’d either need to get in the tub, or I’d need way more towel to cover myself!

Kate slowly lowered herself into the tub. I watched her sit down. She looked at me curiously, “Well? Are you getting in or not?”

I snapped out of my trance, dropped my now useless towel and sat down beside her. 

It was a bright night despite the hour. The moon was close to full and made the scenery visible but surreal like something out of a Tolkien book. 

We sat there for a bit and took it all in. The sound of the loons on the lake and the wind in the trees. This really was perfect. Kate leaned her head towards me and kissed me. At first it was soft and loving. Then she shifted her body so we were almost facing each other. The kiss shifted gears into a deep passion. I felt her tongue glide across mine. Her hands climbed up my back to the my head and she pulled me in closer. I could feel her warm we breasts pushing into my chest. 

I pulled back slightly and looked at her. Her eyes burned with passion and I felt the same way. I reached out and moved my hands over her tits. Taking one in my hand and leaning my head down and taking it my mouth licking across the nipple. Kate breathed in sharply and leaded back against the headrest. 

Both her breasts were out of the water so I stood up and put my now raging boner between them. I squeezed them together with my hands and the wetness from the tub provided just enough lubrication to pump a few times between them before I let go and my erection was standing at full attention right in front of her. 

She took me in her hands and slowly and softly started licking and teasing the head. Firmly tonguing the frenulum  a few times before taking me all the way in her mouth. Within seconds my knees were too weak to stand. I repositioned myself so I was now leaning against the edge. The whole time she never stopped or even missed a beat. She kept that blowjob going like nothing else mattered in the world. 

“Baby, if you keep going, this party is going to end early” I cautioned. She slowed down but didn’t stop. She smiled slightly and went back to flicking my frenulum with her tongue. “Good lord, I’m going bust if you don't stop that!” 

On cue she let me go and stood up so we were eye level. She gave me one big passionately wet kiss then she turned around and leaned over the edge of the tub. Her ass was completely out of the water. “I want you inside me!” She firmly declared, “I’m very certain you won’t need any lube.” Obediently I moved towards her and as I slowly entered her from behind we both made a noise. Her a gasp and a pleasurable groan and from me, a low growl.  I started moving rhythmically. Before long she was pushing herself back into me. As we moved together I reached forward and took her tits in my hands as I pulled her against me. The feeling of those perfect breasts while I did her from behind almost took me over the edge. She knew it too. She pushed me away. 

“Uh uhh,” She sang, waving her finger between us, “Me first!”

She climbed up and sat on the edge of the tub and spread her legs open. Unbeknownst to me, she had completely shaved her pubic hair off. Something I had been hinting and asking about for years but she hadn’t felt comfortable with so I had left it alone months ago. Looking down at her was too much to bear. I got to work immediately. 

I put my mouth on her warm mound softly and lightly teased her clit with my tongue. So softly up and down, up and down until I felt her hips pushing towards me. I reached around and grabbed her ass and pulled her in close. Now I was giving her my full attention. Her hips were gyrating against my face and she was audibly groaning with pleasure. I took one hand and entered her with a finger slowly and slid it up against her g-spot matching the rhythm of her gyrations. This caused her to give out a little yelp. I stayed on beat with my tongue on her clit and my finger on her g-spot like the rhythm section of a jazz band not speeding up or slowing down until the song dictates it. She lowered herself back against the deck boards but I didn’t stop. Her breaths grew deep and arduous then without warning her legs squeezed against my head, her hands pulling my head tight against her as she throbbed and pulsated against me. A groan and a squeal escaped her throat then with a few final flicks with my tongue, she released. Her involuntary  tremors were accented with  audible whimpers she shuddered for several seconds before she  gently pushed me away.  

Her breathing was heavy as I looked at her beautiful body laying there on the deck.

“Get over here and do me hard!” She moaned from her supine position.

I climbed out of the tub and positioned myself between her legs. I entered her and immediately started doing her as commanded. The pure passion between us was unfathomable. I knew I would only last a few moments. Again, I reached down and grabbed a hold of her breasts which were bouncing vigorously from the motion. As I grabbed them Kate growled “Cum inside me. Cum inside me now”. Of course it was happening anyways but obediently I let loose. I let out a loud groan as I leaned down and kissed my wife. A passionate wet kiss, our tongues colliding. She bit my bottom lip as I emptied myself into her. The pace slowed and finally, I came to a stop.

I fell down beside her rolling over to my back. We laid there breathing heavily together. Not saying a word. We just both stared up at the star filled night sky and reveled in the beauty of what we just experienced. 

We connected in a way we hadn’t in years. I never felt more love for my wife  than I did at that moment. That night we shared an amazing experience in the beauty of nature to celebrate our marriage and commitment to each other.

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Nicely written! Definitely a lucky surprise! Living in Colorado, that's definitely on my bucket list!!

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