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Caught in the Act

On Sunday night, Will and I retired to bed early, but I couldn’t sleep. I was incredibly horny, and my husband was already asleep. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling in the dark. I didn’t want to interrupt his sleep so after a few minutes, once I heard him have a consistent sounding inhale/exhale, I stuffed my hand down my garment bottoms and started playing with my clit. I played with the little man in the canoe, occasionally rustling the covers on top of us.

"Molly? What are you doing?" Will whispered to me.

Jesus! My heart jumped and the shame set in. Fuck. Well I wasn't going to start lying to my husband now.

"I’m masturbating, dear." I whispered back.

The room was quiet.

"Oh, okay." Will replied, apparently trying to let the bomb I just dropped on him play out.

I found his comfort sort of weird—I thought he would either freak out or jump on top of me. Neither happened. Was he asleep?

After a few moments, my fingers started circling my clit again. Soon, I was very excited again.

The sheets of my bed began to rustle again. I glanced over to Rob in the dark whose face was intently aimed at the movements my hands were making under the sheets.

It seemed I had a little bit of a voyeur on my hands.

"Hey, can I see what you're doing?" He asked in a low voice.

He’s my husband, I thought to myself, of course he can watch. I had never masturbated in front of him before, but I had heard that guys like to watch. I was beyond horny and excited from touching myself.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were both virgins, and we were learning new things about each other’s sexual preferences and habits every day.

I replied, "Oooh, be my guest."

Will turned on the light. He uncovered his cock which twitched freely in the air, fully hard.

I ripped the covers off to reveal my pussy, which was already glistening in my arousal.

"Oooo," I said. "Baby, you have such a big dick." I continued, stroking his ego a bit.

"But you can’t just watch me, baby, you have to jerk off as well. If I'm going to show you, then it's only fair."

A few moments passed and Will just oddly squeezed his head. He was watching me with so much interest, like he didn't want to miss a second of what I was doing.

“Show me what you like, baby.” I said. “Is it good like that, without any lubrication?”

I pulled my garment bottoms all the way off and eased my fingers slowly into my sopping wet hole, then took them out and spread the juices across my husband’s penis.

My body forced a deep inhale of the aromas: the scent of my snatch and the musk of the man I love.

Will laid back down and used his left arm to stroke. I laid next to him which pressed our arms together. I gripped the fleshy crease of my thigh and let out a quiet moan.

Will continued to stroke his cock, slick with my juices. Being this close, I couldn't look away from his penis. It looked so hot, so inviting. He kept looking over at my pussy.

Will suddenly stopped and took his hand off his cock, "Do you want to touch it for a minute, babe?" Will said.

I asked, "Like touch my pussy?"


"Fine. But you better make me cum, mister." I said.

Will smiled. I turned over and he shuffled up against my backside. His lubed-up cock poked the back of my legs. Just before I decided to say anything, Will’s large hand was on my mound.

My pussy was completely covered by his hand. His finger began to gently circle my clit, which felt amazing, but he wasn't putting enough pressure. "You have to put more pressure on my groin with your palm, but keep it light on my clit," I said.

"Are you sure? Wont it hurt?" he asked.

"My pussy is a tough gal, mister." I laughed.

Will’s strong hand began to put the desired pressure on me. If I had been standing, my legs would have been woozy.

"That too tight?" He asked.

I reassured him it was perfect.

Will scooched in closer so he could peak over my shoulder. His abdomen rested on my ass while his cock conveniently slipped between my thighs. He stifled a moan.

Will started to thrust between my thighs. His cock slowly rubbing against my outer pussy lips. My thick thighs hugged his member tight. This was new.

I let him keep going.

His long upper leg wrapped over both my legs so he could get more leverage. Will was now totally fucking my thighs. There was a pure sort of animalistic desperation in the way he humped. His pumps were out of sync and revolved around when he could tolerate the next jolt of pleasure. He was a man possessed by the devil. Lustful. His hand was still rubbing my clit.

"There you go. Now slide a finger inside of me." I grabbed his hand and guided a finger into my opening.

"Now let me fuck your finger." I could feel Will sort of sit up startled by my language.

I performed a long series of kegels around his finger so I could get nearer to cumming.

Will was huffing. He whispered in my ear, "Molly, I think this might be it."

Will’s big hand and fingers were getting me there. I kept looking down at him pleasuring my private parts. His veins were bulging from keeping the pressure with his palm and extending his finger inside of me.

Will wrapped both legs around mine. The strong arches of both his feet gripped my calves. He used the leverage from his strong legs to drive his cock into my thighs and against my pussy even harder. He continued, "Molly, baby. I think it's going to explode."

My pussy was going to burst as well and I told him, "Keep going. Make it explode, baby."

He took my advice and pretty soon his right hand moved under me and grabbed a handful of my breast. "Molly. Molly. Molly."

He latched onto my name which I loved to hear in his moment of orgasm. I looked down and saw a jet of cum shoot out from between my thighs, coating my thighs and my pussy.

Will buried his mouth into my shoulder and quietly screamed my name again. My turn was next. I gasped and came. I could feel his cock pulse outward on my thighs as it fought to eject semen. Another jet of cum shot out.

I moaned into his hand. Will kept humping in stuttered bursts, his cum flowing in sporadic streams before the spasms continued.

My own hips were writhing desperately as I kept cumming into Will’s hand.

Finally, the dying embers of our orgasms shot off their final sparks. When the dust settled, we were in a full embrace.

"That was amazing!" He said, excited.

"Agreed." I replied.

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4 commenti

Well written and very hot. I love it when couples discover new things together

Mi piace

Nice! My husband's dick is really big and I love watching him stroke it as I imagine how good it must feel in his hands. When he cums, he really groans and then shoots of a huge amount of cum. Very hot!

Mi piace

So hot! Mutual masturbation is so fun. I love watching my wife masturbate!

Mi piace
Risposta a

Isn’t it?

Mi piace
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