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First Vacation

Kate and I took our first vacation together the summer after we were married. It wasn’t an extravagant destination in a foreign land… there weren’t even palm trees. We drove my old rickety camper-van across the state to a small desert town nestled between two mountains. Running between these mountains was a beautiful river with the clearest water I had ever seen. 

Like I said. This wasn’t a flashy vacation destination but it was absolutely beautiful, a hidden gem and most importantly completely devoid of tourists. Finding a secluded camping spot was easy. There was a campground up the river about 15 min from town and it was free and again, completely empty. 

We were still in the honeymoon phase only 8 months into our marriage. We were all alone and thus, we could not keep our hands off each other. The first night we were there I had built a campfire. As the sun was setting, Kate and I were lounging in our second hand DI camp chairs.

Having grown up in Canada, I wasn’t used to it being so warm out after sunset. An idea popped into my head. “I dare you to take your top off.” I said smirking. 

“You wish” Kate answered. Looking around self consciously to see if anyone was around. 

I could see she was considering the idea but was hesitant. I leaned over and kissed her. “It’s ok,” I whispered “only if you want to.”

We sat in silence for a few moments when Kate slowly leaned forward did a final look around and then tentatively slid her top over her head. 

Without a word, she leaned back in her chair smiling ever so slightly looking at me with her side eyes. 

I was stunned. My heart immediately started pounding. Her glorious breasts were highlighted in the orange glow of the fire. Despite the heat her skin was all goosebumps and her nipples perfectly erect. The best I could think of to say in that moment was a breathy “Woah”. 

“Your turn” she teased. “This doesn’t seem fair does it?” She gestured in my direction. In an instant I had my shirt off not even caring where it landed on the ground behind me. 

“Hmm. It still seems like you’re less exposed.” She mused. She was feeling more brave and was beginning to enjoy herself. She got up and stood directly in front of me. “All of it”

With my eyes glued to her chest I did as commanded. I slid my chair back giving her more room between myself and the campfire. I lifted myself slightly out of my chair and  gently pulled my shorts off exposing my now rock hard boner. 

“Much better” she said re-taking her seat. This time it was me who did a triple check for any lurkers. There was no sign of life except me, my beautiful bride, and one extremely rigid erection. 

“Now what?” I asked. “It sort of seems to me that you have some catching up to do!” I smiled nodding my head down toward her capris.  With every suggestion we gave each other a barrier was erased. Neither of us had ever been nude out doors before. And here we were, egging each other on see how far we’d take it. 

Kate stood up and once again faced me. She fingered the button on her capris. “You do it. You undress me if you want it so bad.” 

She took a step towards me as I reached out. I popped the button and slid the zipper down. With a firm tug, she was standing right in front of me completely naked. The sun had dipped behind the mountains but the sky was still blue enough that this outdoor exhibition was a treat to my eyes. 

This time it was my turn to stand. I stood facing her, grabbed her by the waist and carried her the few steps over to the picnic table. I set her down on the edge and pushed her on to her back. I leaned down and took a breast in my mouth giving her hard nipple a quick suck. I let my hands wander from her chest, over her tits, down her stomach and as I caressed her pussy, she gave a soft gasp. 

I rubbed my fingers over her folds lightly teasing her clit. Her hips rose in reaction to my touch. “This feels so amazing!” Kate whispered. I kept going. Feeling her wetness growing I leaned down and put my mouth on her mound. I let my tongue explore her. Softly moving around and gingerly teasing her love button. 

Her breaths grew short and louder. I found my discarded shirt nearby and put it on the ground under me and knelt down between her legs. Now I could give her my full attention. As I worked her delicious pussy with my tongue I could feel every gyration. I could feel every breath she took. Her pleasure was my pleasure. 

“I want you inside me” she cooed. I’m not sure if I heard her say it or if our minds were in such sync that I simply intuited it but I stood up and slid my cock deep inside in one slow but powerful thrust. 

“Yes!” She groaned. “Marty! This is so good. Keep doing that!” 

I gladly obeyed. Keeping that same rhythm. I kept moving my hips in as she moved hers up to meet me. Our pelvises thumping together to the sound of the flowing river just down the hill. The table was rocking on the slightly uneven ground but still I kept the beat. 

“More!” Kate exclaimed. This time more loudly.   

I didn’t know what that meant. More? I was already giving her my full length. I sped up  “No!” She moaned. “Not that”. I was confused. I looked around; for what? I didn’t know. Someone to tell me the answer? 

I looked down at Kate. Her eyes were half shut and she was biting her lower lip. She was singularly focused on what was happening. “More!” She said again as she drove hips into me as I thrust into her. 

I reached down with my hands and put them on her tits as they bounced with our movements. “Yes more!” I was getting closer. I squeezed them tight in my hands. “Yes!” She said. Then she reached out and pushed my hands down to where our bodies met. I got it. 

I put my thumb on her clit as we fucked. With a little pressure I moved it in circles. “There!” She shouted. I moved my thumb faster and she started bucking and groaning in a frenzy. “Keep… going” she said between breaths. “Like… that!”  

My focus was all on her. I could feel her pleasure coming to its peak. 

Her hands suddenly fell to her side as she gripped the edges of the table top. Her whole body shuddered and her breaths became erratic. “Oh god!” She cried as she let the feeling consume her. She reached out and grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me down to her. She kissed me with a furious passion. Our tongues clashing as our mouthes met. With a final gasp she succumbed. Her body finally relaxed. 

I gave myself a few final thrust as I pulled out of her and shot my cum all over her body. I groaned with pleasure and as the bliss faded I looked down at my beloved wife. She looked completely spent it but her smile was all I needed to see. 

In that moment in our young marriage we made a new and much deeper connection. One that we would build on as the years went on. 

The next morning I got up early. I climbed out of the van and looked around at the beautiful scenery. My t-shirt was still in a heap on the ground at the edge of the picnic table. 

Then something caught my eye as my focus went beyond our site. An old green canvass tent was set up in a site just 30 yards from ours on the other side of a small stand of trees. “Oh no” I thought. No one was around so… hopefully…

I decided to go for a walk up the river a ways. As I rounded a bend I almost ran into and old man fly fishing.

Startled I said “Oh, hi. Sorry! Uh.. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone.”

The old man grinned and said with a wink “You don’t say.”

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Aug 10, 2022

Love this story! Well done!

Aug 10, 2022
Replying to

Thank you. It was fun to write and remember the old days when we were first discovering each other.


Great story! Outdoor sex is always fun! Did your wife ever find out about the tent??

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