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His Daily Task

The thunder crashes as they drive up the canyon. Lightning fills the sky as the rain beats down upon the car. Her window is down, the music is up. She rests her hand out the window… remembering what it feels like to be free and adventurous. He smiles as he drives carefully around the bends. His right hand resting on her left thigh as he turns and glances at her, whenever he gets the chance, to enjoy her beautiful smile.

As they continue further upward, nearing the peak, the rain begins to lighten. The moon is tucked behind dark clouds but is just bright enough to shine and reflect light off of the road. He slows slightly as the glare toys with his eyes; wanting to be certain his beauty beside him is safe.

Suddenly, out from the left comes a slow moving deer. He’s traveling slowly enough that he’s easily able to stop. She turns to see the reason he stopped, then lowers the volume of the radio. He turns off the car, puts it into the accessory position, and shuts off the headlights.

The radio continues to softly play. The moon perfectly shines down upon the nature that surrounds them as they watch the animal slowly begin crossing the road. “It’s so beautiful out here” she whispers. He takes her by the hand and leans over to kiss her softly upon the cheek. She uses her left hand to hold him there for a moment as he moves down and lightly kisses her neck. The thunder claps in the cool sky and startles the animal. It races across the road and runs off into the trees that line the road.

The rain continues to lightly fall as he moves his lips from her neck and then opens his car door. While doing so, he lowers the windows and opens the sunroof. He exits the car, closes his door and walks around to her side. He opens her door and lays out his hand for her to take. She looks up at him and takes him by the hand. She exits the car as he uses his other hand to slowly turn up the volume of the radio.

“What are you doing, babe?” she asks as he closes her door and takes her into his arms.

“We’re dancing in the rain. There must be a reason we got stopped. I’m going to take advantage of it.”

She throws her arms up over his shoulders and rests her hands atop the back of his neck. His hands at her sides… keeping her close against him. A song comes on that is one of his personal favorites during a time of romance. Something he listened to shortly after they began seeing one another. It seemed fitting for this moment as he didn’t know what to say; he just knew he’d do whatever it took to continue winning her heart.

On his calendar is a daily task with the subject titled: “Make her fall in love again.” He knows his words are corny. He knows, just as the song says, he doesn’t always think of the right words to say, but he won’t forget to tend to his daily task; no matter what it takes.

As the song neared its end, he looked into her eyes; the moon reflecting perfectly against them. The rain dripped gently upon each of them as he slid his right hand over her left cheek and brushed away a piece of her hair; tucking it behind her ear. His left hand still resting at her side… he walks her back toward the car… pressing her up against the closed door. She stared deep into his eyes as lightning struck once more… lighting the night sky.

She could see his desire within his pupils as he leans in and kisses her warm soft lips. He moves his left hand up her body and rests it upon her right cheek. He’s cupping both cheeks now… kissing her passionately as the rain continues to fall. The thunder bursts once more as he takes his left hand down over her right leg and intensely drags it up her skirt. She gasps as their kiss continues. Her body still pressed firmly against the car. Suddenly she tilts her head back, resting it on the roof of the car as he kisses her neck

… firmly taking her skin into his mouth… wanting to mark her as he sucks upon her beautifully curved body. She presses her hands against his head, running her fingers through his hair as she embraces his passionate kisses.

She lifts her left leg and wraps it around him… pulling him into her to feel what it is she’s done to him. Knowing his muscle aches for her the same way she aches for him. The music continues to play in the background as the clouds part. The moon is now full above them without cover as the rain continues to fall.

He kisses the drops off of her chest as they run down along the lining of her bra. He moves his right hand behind her… down to her backside… grasping the cheek of the same leg in which she wrapped around him. This parts her moist lips as his left hand slides her panties to the side and finds the moistness between her thighs. She aches as he wastes no time… his middle and ring fingers slide inside of her. Deep and firm.

She suddenly moves her hands up under her own shirt and lifts it up… her bra as well; revealing her warm soft breasts. She then firmly runs her fingers back through his hair and pulls him into her chest. Her nipples throb from the cool sky and cold rain dripping upon them as his lips explore her every inch. He takes one deep into his mouth… sucking so very hard as his fingers continue to penetrate her warm pussy. Her tight lips welcome him and clench around him as he moves his mouth to her other nipple. He sucks firmly once more… racing his tongue across the tip as it’s buried deep into his desiring mouth.

Her right knee begins to tremble as he continues holding her up with his hand… still pressing his body tight against hers… his fingers clenching her backside as the two fingers of his left hand continue driving into her. She begins to gasp… moaning as she pulls him tight against her with her bent leg. Suddenly he lifts her up and rests her on the window frame of the passenger door. Both of her legs swing around him now as he slides his fingers as deep as he can into her. Curving them upward… cupping her almost as he buries every inch of them so very deep. She can’t contain herself another second…

He moves his lips up to hers and presses his body against her chest. The thunder crashes with force… the sound bouncing off of the mountain surrounding them. He kisses her mouth intensely as she bites down on his lower lip and begins to exhale deeply. He holds his fingers inside of her… letting her clench her pussy around them. His right hand gripping tightly against her breasts… squeezing her body as if to drain her of all the pent up tensions, emotions, stresses. Her heart pounds as she feels his own heart racing. Her hands are tight against his back… holding him as closely as possible against her as she releases herself. The juices run down her thigh as the rain continues to lightly fall upon the both of them.

Her eyes are so very heavy as she tries to open them and look up at him. He stares intently at her. Once more he brushes away her hair to see the beauty in her eyes. He kisses her precious lips and slowly slides his fingers out of her. He slides them into his mouth and tastes what he’s done. Her heart jumps as she watches him do it with such pleasure. She can’t help but love the way that he feels after he’s pleasured her. How he kisses her and caresses her after. How he unselfishly makes sure she is always taken care of. He gently pulls her bra back down over her breasts and then her shirt.

Her eyes still heavy, she looks into his and softly whispers, “I love you. You are so incredible. Thank you for continuing to amaze me.”

He reaches down and adjusts her skirt and then presses his hands up against her cheek again… just like before.

“Thank you for giving me the chance to. I love you, babe.”

He kisses her yet again; never tiring of how her lips feel against his. He opens her car door and helps her inside. He closes the door, and then through the window, unable to hide how grateful he is, he steals another kiss of her cheek.

He walks to the driver’s side and opens the door to join her. He sits down, starts the car and looks over at her. Her head rests against the car door interior; her eyes shut. He reaches over and helps her put on the safety belt. He looks at her with amazement and then looks out at the night sky up through the still-open sunroof.

He thinks to himself, “You’ve done it again. Thank you.”

He turns down the volume of the radio and then closes the sunroof. He rolls up the windows and turns on the windshield wipers. As the rain washes away from his line of sight, he notices a road sign across the way. It reads 4 simple words: “You’ve reached the peak.”

Just before he turns the car around to begin the journey back home, he takes out his phone, opens his daily list of tasks and marks “Make her fall in love again” as being complete.

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