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I am a long time reader but finally decided to submit my first story.

I had been in Chicago for training for a new position for several weeks. It was difficult on many levels, including the lack of sex. On my final day, I had a brutal certification test that I had to complete, as well as a product knowledge exam. I nailed both exams and called my wife, Heather.

“Baby, I’m done. I passed and I get to come home! Now I just have to get to the airport and then a six hour flight home!”

Heather proceeded to tell me about a sex dream she had just awakened from. She told me all about it:

We were at an open house together. She got horny, so she pulled me to another room. “Fuck me! I’m so horny!” Heather said. We had a lot of fun, with others in the room right next to us. She said her orgasm woke her up and then I called.

Fast forward 10 hours. The airport was shut down because the President at the time was visiting there. Ugh! Don’t these people know I’m horny! But, I finally got home. On the way to our house from the airport, we stopped and grabbed dinner.

Finally, we arrived home and walked inside. After I said hello to my kids, Heather pulled me into our room. “Fuck me now, Mike! I’m so horny. I was dripping all through dinner!”

I grabbed her, and started French kissing her. I pulled her shirt off. My wife has the most perfect perky tits known to man. She doesn’t wear a bra either, so I had immediate access to her nipples.

I lifted her up, threw her on the bed, and pulled her jeans and garments down. She wasn’t kidding. Her cunt was soaked. I worked my way down slowly, licking her luscious pussy lips.

I realized she put a lot of prep time in before picking me up. Her pubes were shaved smooth. The scent of a slight spritz of body spray clung to her skin. She had worn some sexy boy-shorts panties, too, but those were on the floor now.

I started licking and sucking on her pussy lips and clit. We turned the baseball game up loud, as Heather is not quiet when we fuck. She started moaning and saying things like, “Eat my pussy! Mike, you are doing amazing!” All stuff to boost a guy’s ego, you know.

Finally, she had a massive orgasm, and said, “That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me, and fuck me hard!”

I grabbed my cock and shoved it deep into her in one stroke. She was so wet, it slipped right in. Heather’s eyes rolled back into her head. That’s when the good talking came out. I love when she talks dirty!

A couple minutes in, she grabbed one of her vibrators, started masturbating, and said, “Get some lube. I want you to fuck my ass.”

When she gets horny like this and brings up anal sex, the stars are aligning perfectly. I lubed her up and played with her asshole while she masturbated.

After a while, I worked my cock in her asshole. She was so tight! My cock was wrapped in delicious warmth. It was heavenly! I thrust in and out of her asshole.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I coated the inside of her ass with my cum.

It was one of the best experiences of our marriage.

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