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Many Firsts

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Divorce is cruel. But marriage was a cage. I had followed every rule, reached every goal, got married in the temple to someone I thought was worthy… but lies and deceit caused pitfalls almost immediately. I had built a wall of distrust around me, and my libido failed. Until the day he left… then it was back with a vengeance.

After my divorce I was not in a good place. I was angry, selfish, and VERY aroused. It’s like eight years worth of desire and fire had been boxed up, and I let it all out at once. I was a little hesitant, my roots in the gospel ran deep… but I hate to admit I just didn’t care. I wanted to feel… I wanted to be felt. I wanted to be desired and have that passion that had been missing from my life for years.

When I met the man about whom I am now writing I wasn’t sure where he stood in the church. I didn’t ask. He was always very respectful and didn’t push me. I was intrigued by his quiet demeanor and kind eyes. Over time I became comfortable letting him know that I wanted more…

He kissed me late one night on a street corner in Salt Lake City. I could feel a sincerity and heat that I hadn’t felt in so long. We moved our rendezvous to the parking garage. Devouring each other on the hood of his car. Worried about cameras and passerby’s we took it back to his place.

I was still a little reluctant, but we took it slow. As clothing came off, our fingers were so deliberate in feeling the revealed skin. His lips were gentle yet passionate. I had not been this wound up in years… I decided to let him do whatever he wanted. He was slow, and earnest as he discovered my body from head to toe. I got nervous as he kissed my breasts, my belly, my inner thighs and made a move to my southern lips. The rush… it was exquisite. He was very talented, licking and sucking so gently on my very malnourished pussy. He kept reminding me “don’t try and orgasm, just enjoy the feeling. Make it last.” This was NOT something I was used to. It had never been about me before… and I felt like I was out of my body. Every kiss, his tongue, his warm breath just made me crazy. He sat upright, using his thumb to move the warm wetness from below up to my clit, making my whole body tremble. He took his time, I’m positive he liked watching me squirm. He then used his fully erect cock to do the job his thumb had been doing. He looked at me, his eyes asking “are you ready?” I nodded. He slid his cock smoothly into my throbbing wet pussy. He gently moved his body closer and slowly started to thrust against me. I couldn’t even see straight anymore… I had no idea sex could feel so amazing… I wanted to cry. His lips explored my breasts as he gently rocked us. My hips couldn’t help but move with the slow, torturous rhythm. It was sheer pleasure… I had been transcended. Just knowing that he wanted to be in the moment was so new to me. Our bodies moving together was driving me mad, I knew my body wanted to orgasm… and that was when he pulled away… Like he knew I needed it so badly.

He turned me onto my stomach, reached around to gently grab my breasts as he slid in again putting all his weight on my back. I had always wanted to try this position. I had mentioned it once and he brought it to life… he started whispering in my ear and I couldn’t even remember who I was!

His thrusts were a little heavier now, trying to effect my g-spot. He asked if he could slide a vibrator underneath me. I had never experienced one, I said I wasn’t sure. He said, “Let’s try it out and see.” I trusted his guidance at this point… everything had been amazing.

He turned on the vibrator, and slid it right underneath my pussy. It was UNREAL… I had always been intimidated by them and didn’t understand what their purpose was… I get it now. The speed and pulsing sent my G-spot into a frenzy. I didn’t last long… with the thrusts from behind pushing me into this magnificent gadget. I clenched my teeth and then let out the loudest wail I ever had… my body was hot and shaky, and felt as though I had been struck by lightning. As he slowed to a stop the vibrator did not. I couldn’t handle it… but he said,“Try for another, you deserve it.” I tried to push through the sensitivity from my recent climax, and had not one but two more orgasms! They sent wild flames through my entire body and I didn’t know how to control the noises coming from my mouth… it was the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced…

After resting we did it all again and again… I had doubled my lifetime of orgasms in one night. He had his turn as well… but we’ll save that for next time ;)

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Jun 08, 2022

Ready for story #2!!


Fucking hot!! Can't wait for #2 ;)


Mar 01, 2022

What a beautiful and freaking hot story! Well done!

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