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Mid-Night Lust

It was a normal evening. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. The kids were in bed and Kate and I were watching some Netflix in bed before we turned in ourselves. 

I had been feeling a bit horny all day so while we were watching the show I let my hands wander. First, I did a “fly by” to test the mood. I did a light brush over Kate’s boobs. No reaction so I went in for a full fondle. 

Her reaction was positive. She shifted position and nuzzled in closer to me. I took a chance and moved my hand lower… between her legs. She looked me in the eye and gave me a playful grin. “Not today, Romeo. I’m already half falling asleep. Let’s plan something for tomorrow.” 

It wasn’t the reaction I had hoped for but it wasn’t the worst outcome. Tomorrow was a fine consolation prize. 

We finished our show still in a full embrace… I kept my hand on her boob all the while. She didn’t shoo me away so I took what I could. 

After we turned the lights out I just couldn’t settle myself down. I had an itch that needed to be scratched. I considered self completing but knowing that tomorrow was her plan, I didn’t want to take any chances (we’re not 20 anymore after all!). 

I spooned into Kate and gave her a long hug. I let my hands wander all the way down her body. I gently caressed her breasts them slid down softly pressed my fingers over her clothes on her warm pussy. “This is just a little taste for tomorrow.” I told her. “There will be plenty more then.”

“You like what you feel?” She asked and then put her hand over mine and pushed it harder into herself and moved her hips into the pressure. 

By now I was rock hard and based on our current proximity I knew that she knew it too. 

“Good night.” She teased as she moved my hand away. She knew what she was doing to me. I hated it and I loved it. 

Nevertheless, we fell asleep but for me it was a restless sleep. I couldn’t get her beautiful body out of my mind. I don’t know where people get the idea that sleeping with the same person for the rest of your life gets old. Kate turns me on as much now has she ever has.

As I lay there half asleep and fully horny I could hear Kate breathing softly and soundly asleep. 

I reached my hand out towards her once more and rested my hand on her hip. She didn’t stir so I gently moved my hand a little more so it was now resting below her stomach but a little above the fun zone. After a moment there, Kate moved slightly so she was between laying on her side as she previously was, and laying on her back. 

I was still in that strange state between sleep and awake but still maddeningly horny. I moved my hand once more to her pussy over her clothes. I pushed gently and rubbed in  small circles. She moaned very quietly but didn’t move. I kept this up for bit before I moved my hand inside her underwear. As I slid down I felt she was wet. I kept going and she re-positioned so she was fully on her back. 

Her breathing had changed now. I could tell she was no longer asleep but she didn’t say a word. I kept rubbing her clit so gently. Then the most amazing thing happened. She moved her hand over mine and joined me. She guided my hand where she wanted it. Without warning, our hands switched spots. She was touching herself and my hand was on top along for the ride. She worked herself deftly. I had never been so turned on. This had never happened before. It was so hot I had to focus so I didn’t immediately pop off without warning. 

She kept going so with my free hand I pulled up her top so her breasts were exposed. I leaned down and took her nipple gently in my mouth. I teased it with my tongue. She moaned louder and started moving her hips. 

I moved my mouth up and kissed her passionately. She plunged her tongue deep in my mouth then whispered almost inaudibly “Finish me. Make me cum.” 

She took her hand away from working herself and guided me down to where I could finish her off with my tongue. I pushed my mouth firmly on her and with my tongue I flicked her clit. Her hips began gyrating immediately. She was already almost there. I upped my pace and I could tell she wouldn’t last long. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her as she rode my mouth to bliss.

She bucked and let out a loud moan and I kept going on her clit. Within seconds she let out a huge cry as she let loose gushing out her juices all over me. When she was done her spasms I moved up and entered her now sopping wet pussy. 

I was in a primal state. I was on the precipice. Normally I would slow down to savor the final moments but not tonight. I was wild with passion so I gave her all I had. Within seconds I was groaning loud while I filled her with my cum. 

The sudden release caused my strength to give out. I fell towards my beautiful wife catching myself so that I was hovering just above her. Face to face. I kissed her once more as I rolled over to take my place at her side. 

We laid there as we were in a full embrace. Before long sleep took us both and there we stayed until morning.

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