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My wife has always been good at ministering. Back when it was called “Visiting Teaching”, she was very consistent at taking a plate of cookies or treats to some sister in the ward to go with her message. Now that the visits are less structured she is still really good at this important job. There seems to be fewer visits, but a lot more personal care. It was clearly an inspired change.

One Sunday afternoon I found her laying on the bed talking on the phone to our neighbor, Sister Murray. Sister Murray always has a lot to talk about, she really just needs to talk to a friend about her list of ailments or family problems. She has concerns about the neighborhood, my wife is an amazing listener.

I walked in and out of the bedroom several times, kind of listening in to the mostly one-sided phone call. I was again shocked at how beautiful my wife is. She was stunning, laying on our bed, still in her Sunday best. The dress spilling around her.

I sat on the floor in front of her legs as they drooped off the bed. I began to massage her calves as Sister Murray talked about getting her peaches in before they fall off. My wife always responds well to my massages, it often turns me on when she leans into my hands and makes little moans of pleasure.

Soon I had drifted up to working on her thighs. Probably unconsciously, my wife opened her legs a little wider as my hands roamed. Sister Murray was now talking about some projects she may need help with in the yard. My wife said “yes” a few times, as one does to be polite. I pretended she was talking to me.

As I massaged her hips, I inched closer to her groin, and occasionally lightly brushed her mound. She playfully pushed my hands away as and we made eye contact. I whispered, “let me do this for you.”

She mouthed the words, “she’ll hear.”

I said back, “don’t let her.”

She laid back and raised her non-phone hand resting it on the bed above her head. She stretched out like someone does after being tense for too long, she seemed to sigh with her whole body.

Her dress was hiked up now around her waist, I rubbed the outside of her legs and then her inner thighs. She opened up her legs a little more. A few minutes passed, the anticipation seemed to be building for both of us, while I tried to help her relax. She continued to agree with Sister Murray about lack of water pressure in our sprinklers.

I slowly stuck a couple of fingers under the waistband of her garments, while Sister Murray described a room she needs to repaint. I began pulling her bottoms off, she shifted her weight from one side to another to allow the garment to come free.

I leaned over and began kissing my wife’s inner thigh, down by her knees. I continued to stroke and caress her legs while I trailed kisses higher and higher. Her legs opened little by little until my lips brushed her labia, first one side and then the other.

She doesn’t let me do this very often, I think it’s some remnants of the “good girl syndrome” so many LDS people have. When I go down on her I want it to be nice. I love it though and would do it everyday if she was in the mood. I try to take my time but still keep her interested. I love the taste of her.

I continued to lick, kiss, and suck, lingering occasionally as I moved from side to side and sometimes pausing in the middle. She was breathing heavy, squirming a little, and trying to keep this from Sister Murray.

Soon I drifted up towards her delicious and fascinating clit, she lifted her hips up to meet me as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her. I love when she uses me to grind on, especially my tongue. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and began rubbing her g-spot. She agreed breathlessly with Sister Murray about something neither one of us caught.

Her panting grew heavier and she held the phone away from her mouth to muffle some animal-like noises escaping her throat. She doesn’t cum often but when she does, it comes fast. Soon we were in a groove and I could tell she was close. I resisted the desire to speed up knowing that I should keep the same pace that got her here. She pulled on the back of my head, bucking and squirming beneath me.

Sister Murray asked some question, and my wife agreed with her three times as she finally crossed the threshold. It gives me such a thrill to satisfy her. I love her so much. I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

As I stood up, she caught me by the hand and said to Sister Murray, “what about you? How’s your … doggie?” I laughed. She shooshed me, rolled over, and pulled her knees up under her and onto the bed. The dress was still hiked up, revealing her beautiful ass.

Sometimes we aren’t very good at rear-entry, we occasionally have a hard time getting the angle or the height right. I love it though because it feels so primal, so animal. She indulges me sometimes, I dropped my pants and was very ready.

She was wet from her own juices and my saliva, and I slid right in. She pushed back against me and I began pumping. Soon we were in a groove as Sister Murray talked about how her little pug doesn’t like to go for walks anymore.

This was all so hot and I was close, I reached down and cupped her breast, I could feel her hard nipple through her dress. Having sex while mostly dressed can be so hot. Her boobs are amazing and they always push me over the edge. They are the perfect fit to my hand. I finished after a few minutes, my whole body shuddering with pleasure, my knees literally becoming weak.

I laid down on the bed next to her, spooning her and pulling her close. She wrapped up the phone call with Sister Murray. She is an amazing woman, she was very good to both of us.

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So hot! I've tried to do similar with my wife but won't let me go that far!!

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