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Road Trip

It was three months before our wedding. 

We had just finished the semester at college and we were heading north to Canada to visit Marty’s family for a few weeks. As young as we were we made the silly decision to make the trip in one go. 

We had made it across the border but we were still a few hours away and it was well past midnight. We were deliriously tired and doing everything we could to stay awake. It was dark and we had run out of conversation. Marty was driving and I was leaning back in my seat humming to the music.

Marty reached a hand over and rested it on my thigh. His hand was warm and it made my heart skip a bit. I was so infatuated with him and that touch brought me a much needed rush. 

His hand stayed there a while, lingering in the silence. After a while, almost imperceptibly his hand moved. It moved up my thigh. My heart jumped again and I felt warmth flood my body, heart radiating from my groin. I didn’t move. Instantly my heart started pounding. I took a silent deep breath but kept my gaze out of the window. 


I was so tired of driving. I kept looking over at Kate in the passenger seat lounging back staring out into the void of night lit only by the moon and the lights of the occasional long haul truck heading past us. 

She was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I reached over and rested my hand on her thigh. 

It was an innocent enough gesture of endearment; something we had done countless times before but this time it sent a jolt of electricity through me and my heart raced 

I could feel the heat of her body. There was an energy flowing through that point of contact and it wasn’t long before I felt a familiar stirring in my loins. 

We stayed that way for what seemed like a lifetime. I didn’t dare give in to the thought running through my mind. She’s not that kind of girl I told myself. Nevertheless, I capitulated and moved the boundary line further and slid my hand ever so slightly up her thigh. 

I held my breath waiting for a signal. I could see her eyes were open but she just continued staring out the window. I saw her chest rise and fall with a deep but silent sigh. 


I could see him glancing over at me from the corner of my eye. I didn’t dare move for fear that he would take it as a signal to stop. 

Another song starts on the stereo, the only indication that any time has lapsed.  My heart skips another beat and my breath catches in my throat. He has moved his hand again now closer to the top of my thigh. 

I could feel my temperature rising… down there. His hand was so close that surely he must feel it too. There was an energy that almost seemed audible coming from that point of contact and it felt wonderful. 


Time seemed to stand still. I was being too bold. She’s going to put a stop to this any second. My heart was beating out of my chest. I had moved my hand a second time. It was so close to the top of her thighs that I swore I could feel the heat coming from inside her pants. 

I was too scared to go further. We stayed, locked that way for an undetermined amount of time. Seconds? Minutes? My internal clock had stopped. I had never been in this position before. 


He’s frozen. I know it. Is he going to take it further? Is he too scared to continue? Do I want him to continue? Yes. This feels too good. We sat that way for another song. I was growing impatient so I decided to make a move. 

I took a deep breath and in the poorest display of phony nonchalance, I shifted my hips towards him while simultaneously sliding myself down towards his hand. This maneuver put his hand directly between my legs. He pressed his hand gently into my warmth, softly caressing me. Once more my breath caught and I sharply inhaled. Marty’s hand paused for a fraction of a second so I did the first thing that came to my head. I reached down and popped the button of my jeans.

His hand started moving again caressing me then reached up to the zipper. He pulled it down pausing once more perhaps looking for permission to proceed. I lifted my hips and slid my jeans down a bit. Marty’s hand awkwardly moved up to the waistband of my underwear and slid his hand inside. 


What. Is. Happening? Kate had given me full access. As I slid my hand inside her underwear I noticed that I had stopped breathing. Pausing only to collect my wits and to remind myself to keep my eyes on the road I moved in. Immediately I could feel her warmth then her wetness as my finger found her slit. Instinctively she pushed her hips into my hand. She was incredibly wet. I had very little experience here so I just kept circling my finger. She kept moving her hips into my movements. She made an audible groan. I took a quick glance at her. Her eyes were closed and she had her right hand on her breast softly squeezing it. 

I followed her rhythm until suddenly her hips shot forward, her hands came down over mine as she gasped then started breathing hard. She pushed my hands hard into herself then after a a few shuddering seconds, she relaxed everything and fell limp into the passenger seat. 

I took my hand away and put both hands back on the steering wheel. Eyes wide staring out into the dark highway. 


When Marty’s hand touched me for the first time I almost let out a loud yelp. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning. His hand touching me there was a pleasure I had never experienced. Sure, I had experimented with self pleasure and even then felt no shame in it but this… was different. This was pure passion with someone I loved. 

He clumsily circled his fingers while I re-positioned myself so he was stimulating my clit. He quickly found the groove and it was amazing. With the excitement of the moment I was quickly moving towards the climax. I had a momentary thought of stopping this whole thing pass through my head. Was this crossing the line? Maybe but we were getting married soon so I chose to let this play out. 

An instant later the wave hit me. The intense orgasm flooded my whole body. The experience was magical. I let the feeling wash over me and then as suddenly as it came, it faded away. I fell back into my seat as the last of the tremors subsided. 

I looked over at Marty. His eyes were wide as he looked straight forward and kept driving. I guess this will keep him awake for a bit. 

He probably feels guilty. He’s probably incredibly horny now too. 

“I love you,” I whisper. “You’ll get yours soon enough.”

He smiled but remained silent. We barely spoke for the rest of the drive but I had fun imagining what was going through his mind. 

It was our first real sexual encounter and I’ve thought about it a lot over the years. Some might say we should have waited. Sometimes I even wonder that myself but I always come back to how that experience fortified our relationship. We were madly in love and we’ve never looked back. It has been over 20 years since and I have no regrets.

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Wonderful story! Really enjoyed reading how much fun you had in the vehicle.


Incredibly hot! My wife and I got handsy while engaged as well! Brought back a lot of memories!

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