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Sex on the Side of the Road

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

“I don’t know if I have ever been this horny in my life!” my wife exclaimed. “You need to pull over someplace so you can fuck me. Right Now!” She said this with her buzzing dildo buried in her vagina and her feet on the dashboard of our rented SUV. 

But let me backup! How we got to this point deserves some explaining. By way of introduction, I’m Brian and my wife is Vanessa. We have three kids. One is married in the temple, one is on a mission, and the third is still at home. I’m the ward clerk and she’s in the primary presidency. I’m in my mid 40’s and she’s in her early 40’s. We’re a happily married LDS couple with an active sex life, although in that department we had never done anything even CLOSE to what I’m about to share with you in this story!

When we were brand new newlyweds, my wife was strongly under the impression that masturbation was an absolute sin. Now you may agree with her, or you may not. And either is just fine! I’m not here to tell you that you’re wrong, or that you’re right, either way. I will just say that after a few years of marriage, she changed her mind on this. (HOW she changed her mind is another story. I promise to share it here sometime soon.) By the time this story happened, she had used up and burned her way through too many vibrating dildos to count. But that’s okay, because I happily keep her in good supply of her favorite toys!

On this occasion, we had shipped our last remaining child at home off to Grandma’s a few days earlier via airplane. And now we were driving to meet up with them for a mini family reunion. We wanted to see parts of the country we had never seen before so we routed our trip across back roads and smaller highways… absolutely no interstates.

Once we were several hours into our trip, well out of town, and traveling down a small two-lane highway through some fairly remote country, I decided to have some fun.

“Reach behind you and grab that backpack” I said, trying to play it cool.

She did.

“Open the side pocket. Nope, the other side.”

She did. And her mouth split into a massive grin!

“You packed my DILDO?”

“Why not?” I shrugged. “No point in being bored on a road trip, right?”

“Wait… you want me to use this? Now?”

“Now would be the perfect time, wouldn’t it? This two-lane highway means we’re not driving next to any semi-trucks who can see you!”

She stared at me for a minute with a devilish and mischievous grin. I knew she was going to do it, but just needed to get used to the idea. I gave her a moment of silence. Then she looked around, as if somebody unexpected might be watching from the back seat.

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this!” she said as she pulled her shorts and garment bottoms down.

“I’m already hard!” I said!

She pushed her seat all the way back and propped her feet on the dashboard, and naked from the waist down, she began to masturbate herself! I watched from the corner of my eye and she first teased herself with the dildo on a low setting, and then began to coax it inside her, slowly turning up the vibration speed. Pretty soon her eyes were closed and her head was leaned back, and I could see that look of both concentration and pleasure that she got when she did this!

It didn’t take long for her first orgasm to burst over her. I watched her body tighten and her face go red… all of her tell tale signs! After a moment she gasped for air, then she swore. 

“Holy shit, that was good!” The ONLY time she EVER swears is when she is having orgasms!

I didn’t say anything, because I knew what was next. For the next few miles as I drove she drifted from orgasm to orgasm. The only noises I heard from her was the buzz of her dildo, occasional cuss words, and a whole lot of panting and gasping. And then finally she said it.

“I don’t know if I have ever been this horny in my life! You need to pull over someplace so you can fuck me. Right Now!”

As fate would have it, at that very moment there was a small first road that joined with our highway. So I slowed town and made the turn. For about the first half mile, there were a few houses, but very quickly, the houses thinned out, the road became narrow and less maintained, and the trees became thick. Soon, we were in the woods with no people or houses in sight. And as if the heavens new we would need a place to pull over and have sex, right as my wife burst into another orgasm (I think her nineth if I was counting?) there was a small gravel shoulder just large enough for us to pull over. 

As I stopped the SUV, we both opened our doors. As I walked around to her side of the car, I began to drop my jeans and garment bottoms. By the time I got to her, they were down around my ankles and she was half out of the car, her bottom hanging off the passenger seat and her legs up in the air, ready for me. 

I didn’t waste any time! I slammed myself inside her and we bagan instant body slapping, hard core! Her yelps and screams filled the woods!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Each time I slammed myself hard against her she screamed and swore. “Fuck! Yes! Oh! God! Oh! Shit” OH!! YES! AGAIN!!” And then she came again. And again. And again. 

When I finally blew my load inside her we grabbed each other and and gasped and trembled in a mutual, outdoor, married couple orgy! When my orgasm ended, I pulled myself away from her and we both started to laugh uncontrollably! We just laughed and giggled like little kids, both of us half naked and dripping with cum and sex juice! 

Neither of us caring if anyone saw us, we lingered for a few minutes as we grabbed tissues from the car to clean and wipe up. And even when that was done, we were in no hurry to get dressed. We both leaned our naked booties against the side of the car, showing off our frontal nudity to the air and the breeze and the woods, and we giggled some more and laughed at what we had just done. 

Finally, reluctantly, we got dressed again and got back in the road. And we both agreed… we HAD to do this again!
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The Stormlord
The Stormlord
Aug 31, 2021

what's the story about her changing her mind?

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