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Story Contest Announcement

Hello, everyone, and thanks for being a part of this fun little project!

Since this website was launched last summer, dozens of submissions have been received, published, and enjoyed by thousands of readers from around the world. We could not be more pleased with the participation so far and hope that readers and contributors alike are finding value in the stories being shared.

As a fun way to encourage even more of this community to share stories, we are going to be conducting a paid writing contest.

The details of the competition are as follows:

  • The competing stories will be all stories submitted since the launching of the website (all currently published stories) and any new stories submitted between now (01/24/22) and the end of this February (2/28/22).

  • Both male and female winners will be selected.

  • First Place Winners will receive their choice of $100 cash or $100 in a gift card of their choosing; 2 Second Place Winners will each receive $50 cash or gift card of their choosing.

  • The winners will be chosen by registered readers through two polls, available in the forum section of the website.

  • The polls will be made available immediately following the submission deadline (and be announced in an email to all subscribers) and will close on midnight exactly 7 days after being made available.

Please, reach out with any questions. Looking forward to everyone's participation, either through submissions or voting. Thanks again, everyone!

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