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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

This is kinda the beginning of our sexual adventures, we have quite a few now and this is the happiest we have ever been in our marriage. I'm currently (M) 54 and she is currently (F) 50. This story took place quite a few years ago, in my memory I think it was 8 years, but I could be off and it really doesn't matter, it could have been yesterday.

So to preface this a bit, both of us grew up in very conservative LDS homes where sex was very rarely spoken of. We were active in the church ourselves and sex and intimacy sucked. (Understand that we are still very active but have come to the understanding that God has given sex to us for our happiness, not Satan for our damnation) Back then, we didn't do it very often and when we did, it felt like duty sex, not love. She had to put out for me and I needed it so I wouldn't masturbate all the time. It really was bad. We had fought for years and finally as my wife hit her 40s, something clicked and changed, she wanted sex and more than that, she wanted an intimate relationship.

For years I had looked online at sexual therapist websites like Finlayson-Fife and others just for validation that I wasn't just a pervert needing more from my marriage. Somewhere in there she started finding some of the same counselors and her body and hormones were changing too. She finally had the desire and now was looking at how to make it work for us.

So the wife's cousin has a small band that performs all over the Southwest. On occasion we will go and see them perform, it gives us an excuse to get away from the kids and have some time by ourselves. This time it is in Vegas at a small casino in a small room going on later on a Saturday night. So we spend Friday night driving to the hotel, only a few hours away.

My wife had been listening to, what would now be considered podcasts of LDS sex therapist that gave some great advice on building better relationships with your spouse. She did something new and exciting and told me she was going to surprise me with it. So on the drive she teased me the whole way. We talked about sex like we never had in the 20 years previous of our marriage. Discussing openly our feelings and thoughts on how to make it better. We discussed the sex therapist we had both listened to and started to really have some major breakthroughs. She made me play a guessing game on what she had for me. So, let's just say I'm not stupid and figured it out in the first 10 min, but on the multi hour drive I kept guessing wrong to keep up the thrill.

As soon as we were out of town and traffic had started to thin out we started doing some dangerous driving games. She started out rubbing my dick through my jeans and talking a little dirty to me. Telling me she really was looking forward to having my big cock filling her up. At some point, we changed and I started playing with her breasts. She took off her bra. She had worn no garments to titillate me. I started pinching her tits. Moaning ensued of course and soon her pants were off as well. I pulled her the crotch of her panties aside and started fingering her. This went on and off for a while, edging her.

Now this was driving down a major freeway going 70 mph. In talking we are both pretty sure that up until this time in our marriage she may have never have had an orgasm as we mostly had pretty bland PIV sex. With very little or crappy foreplay. We both admit that was both our faults as we never talked about it. But finally, driving down the road, going 70 mph, the thrill of being almost naked, flashing the world and the fingering I was giving her while trying not to crash, drove her over an edge she had never been over before. She stopped me and had to come down from what may have been her first orgasm ever. We continued to talk and tease for several more hours. I was constantly molesting her breasts.

At one time, she told me to find a dirt road to turn down. We found a spot, pretty abandoned. Walked away from the car and started to get naked. It was still broad daylight and we were so excited. We had my pants down and her pants down, we were just starting to do the deed and we heard someone else drive up and parking. We quickly both pulled our pants up and got back to the car. Back on the road.

We continued our spicy chats and guessing games. We finally got to our hotel room and she takes a shower and then tells me to do the same so we are clean.

While I'm in the shower she is getting ready. She had put on some panties and bra that she never wore because they didn't go with garments. She went for her first time to an adult toy store and bought some Velcro cuffs, a blindfold (still have and use those today) and a small vibrator. Little bitty one.

By the time I got out of the shower she had spread out on the bed, with the cuffs on her hands, her eyes masked and the little vibrator next to her hips. She told me to take it easy but do with her what I wanted. Now this was 8 years ago and today that would take a whole different approach on this but.. I turned on the little vibe and ran it along her nipples. She gasped and squealed a bit. I remember trying to put my dick in her mouth at some point. It was no blow job, but anything oral was awesome to me then. I used that little vibe all over her body. She loved the new sensation that it was. I have always loved giving oral. I dove down and with very uncertain moments I did my best to eat her out as long as she would let me. I wasn't very good back then. I was using the little vibe to probe her pussy while I licked her clit. I got maybe 2 min of going down on her, she loved it, but wanted more.

She dragged me up and made me enter her, missionary. We fucked a bit and we turned over. On the bottom was my favorite at the time. I banged her hard for what seems like only 3 or 4 more minutes, playing with her tits and her grinding on my dick. She threw her head back and shook her hair.. I love that, she has always looked so sexy when she does that. I told her I was cumming. She continued to ride me as I squirted 4 or 5 ropes into her wet hole. I tried to pull her down so I wouldn't slip out. You guys know the feeling. Anything less is a ruined orgasm. I came and she rolled off but she wasn't done.

I remember quite fondly this is the first time she ever masturbated with a toy. I was spent but kept watching her play with her clit with that little thing. It was awesome to observe and, after about 5 min, I was hard again. Being as out of shape as I was then, this was nothing more than a miracle. (with the help of cheap gas station drugs, "get hard stay hard") Anyway, we pounded away some more, changing positions a few times. If my memory is right, this trip was the very first time we tried doggy-style. (I know, 20 years of missionary and her on top, that was it) I was still dang horny and after about 10 min more, I came again. At this point she was sore and we fell asleep like that, naked and covered in cum, but both of us were really happy.

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