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The Bonding Power of Sex

This story happened a couple of years ago. I debated posting it, but finally decided to do so.

My wife, Heather, and I went to pick up our daughter from college in another state. It was terrible weather, and it ended up taking us 15 hours to drive there. I have a sibling that we were staying with while we were there. We got my daughter moved out of her apartment, and all of us went out to dinner afterwards.

My sibling and I had a very difficult childhood. I have been very closed-lipped about it with my wife, but it was brought up at dinner. I talked about what it was like growing up with my dad and opened up more than usual. My wife sat by me and held my hand. My sibling was sharing experiences as well. It was hard being vulnerable like that, but it was apparently the right time.

After dinner, we all went back to the house and started watching a movie. It was “The Proposal.” Heather loves that one. During the movie, I got a text from her saying, “I’m horny.” As I’ve said, that’s like me hitting the lottery.

I texted back and forth with her, saying things like, “I can’t wait to have your pussy in my mouth.” “I can’t wait to be inside of you.”

Soon the movie ended. We went upstairs to bed, and Heather attacked me: ferocious kisses, grabbing my arms, and very intense movements. I teased her, undressing her slowly. I told her how much I love her as I took her shirt and garment top off and kissed all around her tits.

As I’ve said before, Heather has THE most perfect tits ever. They’re small and perky with big nipples. I kissed all around them, and slowly worked my way down to her bald pussy. She’d shaved in the shower that day, I was pleased to see. My lips teased all over her mound. I worked in little nips and bites around her lips and fluttered my tongue around her hole.

Right before I got to her clit, I’d stop and move to another area. I did this over and over again until Heather was bucking her hips, pleading for me to lick her clit. I got one millimeter closer every pass. Finally, I flicked my tongue on her clit.

She exploded! Heather is not quiet when she cums, but she was VERY loud this time.

“Baby, shhh,” I said.

“I don’t care if anyone hears, just don’t stop.” Not one to disappoint, I kept it going.

“Mike, I need you inside me,” Heather begged. “Please, fuck me!”

I moved my cock up to her pussy. I looked her in the eye. I was so overcome with love and gratitude that God saw fit to give me this woman. She had stayed with me in all of my brokenness and loved me through it all. I placed my cock against her entrance and slowly pushed in.

I could feel her pulsations all around my cock as I entered her. She gasped as I moved inside her. We shared the wondrous taste of her pussy as I kissed her. With all the quiet ferocity we could muster, we moved together. We shared a synchronicity only a couple who have been through what we have can. Her eyes bored into mine.

“I need you to cum, baby. Please, bless our union together,” she said.

I proceeded to do just that. I emptied my warm cum deep into her wet pussy.

We held each other and prayed together afterward. We thanked God for each other and for the gift of sex to heal and to bring together.

The next morning, I could hear the rest of the household waking up and cooking breakfast. This time, I was the horny one. I woke Heather up and started kissing her.

“Baby, I need you,” I said.

“I’m ready,” she answered.

My cock was already hard. I had her get doggy style; that’s our favorite position. She started playing with her clit, and her pussy was milking my cock. After a while, I started playing with her anus, something that has to be done at the right time. But she was enjoying it today.

We turned over, and I said, “Baby, give me your ass.”

She responded with, “OK, for you I will do it.”

I slowly worked my cock into her asshole while she rubbed her clit. I took it slow and let her get used to me. I would say my cock is slightly above average, but we work perfectly together. Her body responded, and soon she was cumming. That allowed me to move more. The way she was squeezing me, I didn’t last much longer. I joined her in orgasm.

I held her, again reaffirming how much I love her and how blessed I am to have her. We got up and were extra loving to each other the whole day.

That, my friends, is the bonding power of Godly sex in our lives. Like most couples, we have been on the brink of divorce. Sex is always one of the most important things to bring us back off that cliff. Invite God into your bedrooms. He will bless and sanctify it if you let Him.

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1 Comment

Sep 28, 2021

I'd give anything to have that kind of spontaneous fuck me moment. My antidepressant meds have just made sex difficult

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