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The Massage

As he exits the master bath, he’s stunned by what he finds.  A candle is lit and sprawled out on the bed is his beautiful wife.  She rests with her arms folded under the pillow.  Her body lies in the very center of the bed and atop her… nothing.  She’s wearing the same… absolutely nothing. 

He bites his lower lip and exclaims… “What the hell is this?” 

She smiles as she lies on her left cheek… looking at him… “See, I kind of had a long day.  I figured I deserved to be spoiled a little.” 

He laughs as he approaches the bed.  “So you figured you’d just seduce me into a massage.  Is that it?” he asks. 

“Isn’t it great being in love with me?” she answers with her tempting smile.  Knowing full well he’s wrapped all the way around her finger.  She knows good and well that he loves the beautiful curves of her soft body; that he loves to make her feel like the only woman on earth.  She knows this is as much a gift for him as it is for her.


He climbs into the bed and sets his knees to her sides. His hands begin to work together in rubbing her soft feet… first the bottoms, and then the tops… working his thumbs into the palms of her feet and then her heels.  She takes deep breaths as she relaxes into his hands. 

He works his way upward… driving his fingers and thumbs into her calf muscles.  Further up now he begins to massage her thighs.  One of his very favorite parts of her body.  The curves fit perfectly into his hands as he presses his palms against her.  His fingers and thumbs working in unison to relieve her stress. 

Her deep breaths turn into soft moans and he starts to feel himself becoming aroused by her response.  His hands move further up… now cradling her backside and grasping at her cheeks.  His hands caressing her so very perfectly as he can’t help but begin to kiss her.  He kisses the bottom of her back… just above her waistline… softly tracing it with the tips of his lips.  He starts to move his lips upward… his hands following.  He massages her back… his hands dancing across her bare skin just the way she likes it. 

Her breathing becoming heavier as her body melts against him.  She feels weightless as his lips touch her neck and his hands move over her shoulders.  He rubs them as he drags his lips from one side of her neck to the other.  “Mmmmmmm” she whispers lightly as he takes his hands down her arms and lightly caresses them.  Stroking the length of each one before lightly massaging.  He even finds his way down to her hands and drives his thumbs against her palms before resting them back to her sides.


As he moves his hands back up her arms and over her back, she can feel his muscle hardening… she can feel him against her inner thighs.  It excites her to know the effect she has on him and his body.  They’ve shared this experience so many times before, but the reminder that her body still ignites him makes her feel so very sexy. 

He moves his lips back down her back… his hands now down to her thighs again… he moves his hand to the front of her legs and pulls her up slightly. He drags his index finger between her thighs… at the very inner edge of them… finding the warm lips.  They’re already moist… already anticipating his touch.  He moves his mouth close to her… he takes his tongue and drags it across the same moist lips.  She gasps as she feels his touch and then he takes her by her sides and flips her over to her back.  “Oh God” she exclaims as she looks down at him.  He looks up at her with an intense desire and proceeds to massage her legs.  She’s still relaxed… weightless… accepting of his every touch.  She trusts him to take perfect care of her.


His hands glide upward… his fingertips soft against her skin as they circle her nipples.  Both hands teasing her as she finds it difficult to move.  His mouth is resting softly between her legs still.  He kisses one thigh, then the other.  He reaches under her thighs and lifts… her knees bend as he uses his palms to separate her legs.  He quickly slides his tongue between the lips of her warm wet box.  Leaving her no chance to prepare herself as he sucks on her pussy lips.  His tongue races in and out of her… tasting her as he pauses for a moment and then gently slides himself out. 

He looks up at her; intensely still… watching her become overwhelmed with desire.  He suddenly takes his lips and presses them onto her clit.  He slides it deep into his mouth and begins to massage it with his tongue.  She moans loudly with pleasure as the gets lost in the sensation of his every move.  She watches as his hands caress her breasts… continuing to be soft and gentle with them while at the very same time he aggressively makes out with her clit. 

His tongue circles it and then laps over it back and forth… doing to it what she never tires of.  Her muscles are pulsating between her thighs as his hands begin to work more feverishly.  Faster… more firmly… he cups her breasts and presses his palms over her nipples.  Her body tingling as she pushes her chest upward and welcomes him.  His fingertips grasping onto her nipples now.  Hard as a rock between his thumbs and middle fingers.  He pulls on them… still using his palms to cup her chest.  She can’t help but watch him express his desire, his craving, his NEED for her.


She reaches down with her hands and grabs the back of his head.  As she loves to do, she grasps hold of him and holds him there as she arches herself up.  It’s her signal that she’s ready to give him what he aches for.  He presses his mouth hard into her… taking her clit as deep as he can into her mouth as his tongue continues to flick each and every inch of it.  “Yessssssssssss.  Oohh yesssss!!!” she exclaims as his fingers grip her nipples… aggressively he presses her breasts against each other… cupping them so very tightly as she lets herself go.  Her juices flowing from the warm lips between her thighs.  Dripping down his chin and onto the bed sheets.  She rests her body, and looks down at him.  “I need you.  I need you right now.”  She bites her lower lip and watches him move his lips up to her breasts.  He kisses her still throbbing nipples and then slides one into his mouth… sucking gently at first… flicking her nipple… reminding her of what he’d just done with her now very swollen clit.


His hands still cupping her… pressing her skin into his mouth as she feels the head of his muscle brush over her inner thigh.  Her legs are spread wide open… inviting him.  She can feel the warm precum leaking from him as he reaches down with one hand and rubs her pussy lips with the head of his cock.  He teases her as she squirms… arching herself upward.  He then moves himself further up… begins to massage her clit with the tip of his muscle… teasing further. 

It’s so sensitive that she grabs his back and almost drives her nails into his skin… she can’t help the overwhelming sensation.  The nerves are so swollen that she can feel her pulse between her thighs.  His cock circles her clit and then he moves back down.  Finally he enters her… but so very very slowly. 

The head of his muscle disappears and then he pauses… takes his hand from his shaft and begins to massage her clit again.  She arches herself again and sucks the rest of him into her.  He fits perfectly… as if they were meant for one another.  Her warm juices cover his hardness.  He begins to slide himself in and out of her… still slow… allowing her to feel every inch of his curved cock.  She loves that it can touch places she never imagined possible.  His lips continue to caress her soft breasts as she continues to watch.  Her eyes locked on his every kiss, his every touch, his every movement; as she gives her body to him.


His fingers continue to massage her clit as he begins to move into her faster… deeper… harder.  Sometimes he’ll pause and hold himself inside of her… letting her feel his cock pulsate against her inner lips as they around him.  Then he’ll begin again… deep, fast strokes… thrusting himself into her as she races his hands over his back. 

He takes his other hand down off of her breasts now… joining the area below her waistline.  He moves his hands under her legs and behind her knees… pulling them up… almost to the sides of her chest.  He kisses her lips and starts to drive himself as deep as possible… thrusting himself into her… hard and fast… still kissing her warm mouth.  Their tongues pressing firmly against one another. 

She knows that he kisses her with the most intense desire when he’s reached his peak.  She recognizes it and squeezes her tight pussy lips around him.  Leaving him no choice.  He moans while kissing her… she feels his cock throb inside of her… releasing himself.  She can’t help but do the same… soaking him in her juices once more. 

Her lips ache in pleasure as he rests inside of her.  His hard muscle still pulsating as she closes her eyes and rests her arms around him.  He falls to her chest and rests his head against her breasts.  Like she always does, she’s completely drained every ounce of energy out of him.  He kisses her soft skin as her body twitches from adrenaline.  Their bodies as one as she strokes his back with her fingertips.  He finally moves to her side and snuggles up behind her. 

Exhausted, he kisses the back of her neck and presses his hand over her still racing heart.  “You are incredible” he whispers as he kisses the edge of her ear.  Their bodies are both weak… melted into one another as she closes her eyes and places her hand over his.  Making sure he doesn’t let her go.


His eyes still open, he looks at the room around him.  He is amazed by what this woman has made possible for him.  He’s made love to her countless times, and still each time it happens, he thanks God for what was given to him. 

Suddenly, a breeze through the window rushes in.  He watches as the flame of the lit candle sways to the side, dims a little and then returns to full strength.  It reminds him of the very flame between he and the beauty in his arms.  It may flicker, but it will not die. 

He can’t help but smile as he takes one last look at her, kisses her cheek and thinks to himself, “I’ll make sure this flame lasts forever.”  He lays his head on the pillow and closes his eyes.  Another night he won’t soon forget, and one he hopes has made her feel like the angel that she is.

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Beautiful, romantic, so sexy!

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