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The Sexy Chair

I sit on the chair in the corner of the living room. It's dark and quiet and I'm tired from a long day. I lean my head back on the plush cushion and stretch my legs out on the ottoman, closing my eyes. The "sexy chair," as he'd called it. I'd laughed. "The chair is sexy?"

"Well you know, that one time we had sex in our last apartment? I did you from behind?"

It's a vague memory and, if I'm being honest, I don't remember it as the best sex of my life.

But I've been thinking about sex all. Day. Long. And we haven't switched things up in awhile...and I don't really care where because of the dull ache between my legs.

So I wait on the sexy chair in my bra and thong, condom and lube at the ready as he brushes his teeth in the bathroom. For once I'm thinking about nothing at all, feeling relaxed.

He walks shirtless into the living room and over to me, climbing onto the ottoman and kissing me straightaway. In no time I begin to explore his erection with my hands through and beneath his gym shorts as his fingers trace lightly across my underwear. I pull his shorts down and my thong too, feeling ready fast.

I lean forward, he's on his knees, and take his head into my mouth, swirling around it with my tongue as he reaches over my shoulders to unfasten my bra and toss it aside. I feel each edge and side of him, taking note of every groove. Then I open my mouth wide and envelop him deep into my throat. I go slow, up. Then down. And again and again, he moans once, then twice, and I release him and lean back into the soft cushion as our lips meet and his fingers slide up with wetness to my clitoris.

I melt back into the cushion. I always say it's the best seat in the house...large, plush and yet supportive in all the right places. This brings new meaning to the phrase as he works my clit with two fingers, his other arm supporting his weight against the back of the chair. I flop one arm up and behind myself and rub my other hand back and forth across the bicep of his arm reaching over my shoulder. How to quantify the sexiness of a man's biceps during sex?

He soon reaches down with this arm and inserts two fingers just a centimeter into me. I vaguely consider the fact that focus around the opening of my vagina usually feels irritating, but for whatever reason right now, it feels like absolute heaven. Funny how the body works...

"I want you to cum so hard," he tells me. I'm moaning, breathless. I buck my hips up a bit, humping into his hand from below to take his fingers fully inside. "Your moans are making me so hard!"

I sit up urgently with, "I need you in me," rolling the condom and rubbing some lube onto his cock. Kicking the ottoman just out of the way, he kneels in front of me and I raise my legs up as he glides in effortlessly. I support both my legs with my hands, my feet dangling up in the air as he pounds, fingers dancing on my clitoris. This is feeling SO intense and suddenly we're both over the edge. He falls forward a bit in orgasm and I sound shocked and amazed by what's happening to me. "Oh! Oh! Oh!!!" My hips shoot up as I take him in me again and again and his fingers never stop.

Typically I'm a one and done type of woman when it comes to orgasm, but for some reason tonight it's not enough. I have to have more. His cock remains erect and the sensations are completely amplified in my post-orgasmic state as he continues to pump in and out. It's like being in a room full of mirrors. I can feel on and on and on. Thirty seconds pass and another orgasm waves over my entire body. My back arches, then melts, arches, then melts.'s not enough. I have to have more. He pulls out and adjusts his positioning to relieve his knees, and we're back to the finger fucking. I kick one leg up and rest it on his shoulder, the other stretches out to rest on the unforgotten ottoman to the side. Using my legs and feet, I push in and away from his rapid strokes. I can feel it building, like climbing stairs, one step higher with each passing moment. I cry out, push into him, my back arches, toes pointed, full energy.

I could probably go on, but I'm satisfied enough with three (!) orgasms. We stand up and kiss deeply. It's then that I notice the window right next to the chair is open behind the blinds.

"The whole neighborhood just got an auditory show," I laugh.

He winks. "See? I told you this chair was sexy!"

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