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Walking Through the Sands of Time

This story is 99% true. Had to change some details so they were age appropriate.

My husband and I have been working on having a healthier sexual relationship for the last couple months, for the first time in our almost 9 years marriage. We had just had another good conversation the day before about how we had changed and we aren't the same toxic people to each other anymore. After an almost 3 week drought, we had back to back nights of sex, which I couldn't even remember the last time that had happened.

The whole day he was looking at me different. It was reminding me of being 18 again and he was wearing that stupid goofy grin he would give me that showed me how much he loved me. He was kissing me like he was holding nothing back; they were still chaste kisses, but it finally felt like he was loosening up again and being that carefree man.

We had been at my parents house for a few days while this was all going on, and I hadn't masturbated much during our drought. I took my garments off for the night but needed clothes because of the cold chill in my old room. I laid in bed reading erotic stories for a bit and thinking about my husband laying next to me and all the old memories I had of sneaking out to meet him at his car. It wasn't such a bad fantasy, maybe I could reenact it just a little bit.

I grabbed my rabbit vibrator out of my bag and went to my bedroom door. I thought about how it had to be turned a certain way so it didn't make noise because it was an old door. My mom is a light sleeper, and my husband wasn't snoring too loud and I knew he could wake up and catch me trying to sneak out to meet my boyfriend.

The door "popped" open after not pushing it in enough and I held my breath to see if the noise woke my husband. I heard snoring behind me and took it as a sign that the coast was clear. Being transported back to 9 years ago, I felt the cold touch my skin as I tip toed down the hall toward the back door, my nipples becoming hard beneath the thin fabric of my t-shirt. The stairs were like bombs beneath my feet in a house that was dead silent. I was giddy with excitement as I flopped on the bed in the spare bedroom and quickly removed my sweat pants and pulled up my shirt to let my nipples finally feel the cold air again that made them ache once upon a time.

I remembered running across the dirt field, seeing my boyfriends car, hopping in and us speeding off to "our spot" less than 2 minutes away. Seeing his face in the dash lights, running my fingers through his black hair, letting the anticipation build as we had texted and coordinated our plans again and again for months.

I inserted my rabbit and it slipped in effortlessly making me pause from surprise at how wet my cunt was. I had a Brazilian wax not a week before for the first time, feeling the chilly air on bare skin on sensitive places. The light from the moon came in through the window and I closed my eyes to a memory of me laying naked on my back in the backseat of a Toyota Corolla with the full moon shining above me outside the window. Ecstasy was the only way to describe my feelings as a smile lit my face and my cunt clenched around my firm boyfriend below. I turned on my vibrator, but my nipples were dying for attention as I pulled and rolled them in my fingers getting lost in the sands of time.

Carnal desire took over while still reading erotica stories, and I knew a place where I could find some porn to visualize my boyfriend better. I scrolled through pictures of cock after cock, getting aroused but picturing a brown skinned length that fit me perfectly with the sexiest vein in the middle I have ever seen. I couldn't take it anymore and put my phone down and turned up the vibration. Moving the ears around and around my growing clit, it didn't take long before a huge orgasm overtook me and I knew I would be too sensitive to continue, but I needed more.

I extracted my rabbit and let my cunt relax for a couple of minutes and thought of moonlight in the window and a cold car that would be a warmer temperature than when we started. With a dopey grin on my face, I knew it was time to start again before I lost my desire from the cold. Reaching for my phone, I knew if I put my rabbit inside my cunt while I read stories, it would keep my libido lit enough for my clit to recover from the assault.

I pictured my boyfriend lying next to me in the backseat, our limbs tangled together while we both read the stories side by side, waiting for another round. A little over 5 minutes and 2 stories went by and I was ready for more, no help needed this time. I turned my vibrator on the highest setting (I call it "fuck me mode") and rolled onto my stomach thinking of my hands barely in front of my face clutching the interior on the back door to give my boyfriend enough room behind me.

I thought of my nipples brushing the cloth interior, the cold air invigorating my skin, how he wasn't supposed to be here. Wait....that thought. It finally dawned on me, we weren't supposed to have sex before marriage. Most people would get turned on by that, but I was so wrapped up in my horny desires, it never occurred to me 9 years ago, I should've felt guilt, hesitation in those moments. I should've been turned on by the fact that we were doing something "forbidden". We both had intentions of going to the temple, but we couldn't get our hands off of each other long enough to go through a proper repentance process.

Suddenly, it did turn me on. For the first time in my life, it turned me on to have "forbidden" sex with this man I had had a relationship with for almost 10 years. I groaned as that first orgasm hit me, shaking my legs and wanting to edge more so I could keep going and not ruin the fun. Exhilaration filled me as every minute or so, another orgasm would leave me shaking and wanting more. I couldn't feel the cold; ragged breathing was coming from my boyfriend behind me and I wanted that cock so bad. I thrust the rabbit over and over but it wasn't enough as carnality came in full force. My hips thrust backwards and animalistic desire took hold while remembering fucking a large brown cock behind me.

Moaning over and over into the pillow my face was buried into, I heard light footsteps overhead and wondered if I had woken my husband by not being in bed. Wouldn't he be surprised to find me fucking him at 18 with the most mischievous look on my face. The thought spurred me on as I felt my g-spot clench and my legs tremble with relief from the starvation in the past weeks. Sweat coated me as I continued to think of moonlight reflecting off my white skin and my nipples being sucked on.

My limit was usually around a half hour for a longer masturbation session and had been going for over 25 minutes, but I wondered when my body would give out. I told myself I would have 1, maybe 2 more orgasms then it was time for bed. 1 or 2 quickly turned into 5 and 6 as my memory was jogged more and more of sexual encounters at "our spot".

A time after the movies, we were in my mom's SUV and I had brought some flavored lube. We were so horny, the back of the SUV stayed open and my boyfriend's pants were down enough to have his cock out, and if someone were to turn the corner at the right angle of the back road on the other side of the sage brush, they could see a brown ass hanging out. I wasn't tired and could go more, but I knew sleep would need to happen soon after over 40 minutes of masturbation and the late night hour.

Taking big deep breaths I let the tension build until I touched that magical spot on my clit that let it all out. Those orgasms that feel like an eternity, but maybe last 20 seconds if you're lucky; my clit burned like fire as a groan that sounded more like I was in pain shouted out of my mouth as I pulled out the rabbit from sensitivity.

I could feel my cunt pulsing over and over, looking at the moonlight and thinking of me laying naked on my back in pure adrenaline rush on a cloth backseat. I giggled to myself and sighed over and over thinking of the drive back to the side road where I could walk back through the dirt lot and in through the back door.

I grabbed my pants, tiptoed up the stairs and washed my cunt fluids off my favored toy. After cleaning up, I walked into my old room and laid on the bed next to my husband. I giggled some more as I wished I could go back to one of those nights again when we were crazy kids who couldn't keep our hands to ourselves. I turned to my side and thought of everything we had been through and how much I loved the man beside me as I finally drifted to sleep, hoping in the morning he would want to be transported back in time with me once again.

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Jan 05, 2022

Only recently have I managed to remember some of my pre-marital sexual experiences for what they were... Exciting, erotic, oh so sexy, rather than as guilt-laden events to try to stamp out of my memory. It's freeing to let go of all that negativity and accept the past! Very hot story!


Wonderful story. My wife loves her Rabbit, and this brought up a lot of fun memories for me.

Thanks for sharing

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