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Winter Solstice Loving

While this shouldn’t surprise anyone, this past year has been very difficult for our marriage. I work in healthcare, and due to Covid, my schedule increased like crazy. I have been averaging 70 hours a week. However, I was finally able to get a break for a couple of days, and we decided to hit my favorite spot, a town nestled in the mountains, for dinner.

While driving, we put on an audiobook that dealt with an estranged couple and the husband’s efforts to win his wife back. There are a couple of very erotic scenes in the book, and I could tell my wife, Heather, was getting turned on. At this point, we were heading back home and still had an hour and a half drive left or so. During this particular point in the book, the husband was starting to finger his wife, and he states, “You are absolutely dripping!”

I thought, “I bet Heather is pretty wet.”

I casually leaned over and started rubbing my fingers up and down her crotch where her pussy and clit would be. Heather’s jeans were completely soaked through! As soon as I started rubbing on her pussy, her hips immediately started bucking and moaning. She asked me to stop for a minute, so I brought my arm back to the steering wheel while she pulled her jeans and garment bottom down. She grabbed my hand again and put it directly on her pussy.

“Ho-ly. FUCK!” I said, “I have never felt your cunt this wet before, baby. That is so fucking HOT!”

“Mike, just finger my cunt,” Heather said. “I am so turned on!”

I worked my middle and ring fingers of my right hand in between the lips of Heather’s cunt. The night before, I had used her epilator on her, and her pussy was as smooth as glass—completely hair free! Heather has rather large inner lips, and I LOVE them so much. They are so responsive and just so… beautiful that I can’t get enough of them. I tell her all the time how much I love her pussy lips and how amazing they feel around my cock and in my mouth. They didn’t let me down that night either.

I felt her clit at the top of her beautiful pussy, and it was so engorged! With how wet her cunt was, I was able to use that to lube my fingers up and lightly play with her clit. Heather moaned louder than I have heard in a while. It was as erotic as could be. I played with her for probably a couple of miles, with her moaning, bucking her hips, and gasping the whole time. Her cunt got wetter and wetter, which I didn’t think was possible!

“Mike, I need you to find a place to pull over and fuck me!” Heather said.

“I will pull over right here,” I said. We were on a country road at the time.

“No, we need more privacy,” said Heather.

Thankfully, just then, I found a rural road that looked promising. I turned on to it and drove for about a mile. I had been fingering her pussy the whole time, and when I pulled my hand away, my fingers were soaked—like, dripping, soaked. I love the taste and smell of my wife, so I sucked on my fingers and wiped her juices in my beard as I pulled over. As soon as I got stopped, Heather grabbed my face and started kissing me, tasting her pussy juices in the process.

“Mike, get in back and lower the seats. I need you to fuck me. Now!”

I got out, smelling the fresh winter night and the pine trees all around me—a close second to my wife’s cunt, I must say. I opened the back door of our SUV, dropped the seats, and Heather got in back. She was stripped naked before I even got into the back and locked the doors. I thank God every day for her and her raw sexuality and sensuality!

I asked her if she wanted me to eat her pussy to orgasm first, and she said, “No, just fuck me hard and fast, Daddy.” If the situation is right, she will call me Daddy, and she knows that turns me on immensely.

Not one to disappoint, I pulled my hard cock out of my jeans and boxers, and Heather just grabbed it and placed it at the entrance of her cunt. It slipped right in with no resistance at all—fabulous. Heather let out a guttural groan that turned me on to no end. Her pussy scent was all over my car, and I smelled that as I was fucking her. Exquisite is the only word for it.

“Mike, bite my nipples! Oh my God, I am so horny for you! Fuck me hard and fast. Please!” Heather has super sensitive nipples, and the situations have to be absolutely perfect for her to tell me to bite them.

I sucked her nipples and lightly bit them. They get super hard when she is turned on, especially when I am sucking and biting on them. I could feel her cunt squeezing me tighter and tighter as I thrust in and out. Her nipples were growing hard in my mouth, and I loved it. Between the excitement of being in public and how her cunt was squeezing as I was fucking her, I was so turned on that I didn’t last much longer.

She was screaming. “I can be as loud as I want here! Fuck me, Mike!”

I thrust harder into her, crossed over the cliff, and had a massive orgasm. I pulled out and grabbed a towel I luckily had and cleaned her up, then she said, “Finger me. I need to cum again!”

I put two fingers into her cunt and found her G-spot. I started doing the “come here” motion and thrusting up and down. She started rubbing her clit, and within a couple of seconds, she was squirting on me.

“Put a finger in my asshole, Mike.”

I took two fingers and slowly worked them into her asshole.

“I need one in my cunt too, Mike,” she begged. So, I worked a finger into her cunt also. Within about 30 seconds, she was cumming and screaming louder than I have heard in a long time. Her contractions when she orgasmed were wicked strong! Her clit was large and engorged. I could still strongly smell her cunt juices in the car.

We kissed and held each other for a few minutes, and I gave her some aftercare, then I got up to get out of the backseat. I opened the car door, and my legs were like jelly; when I stepped out onto the gravel road, my legs almost collapsed under me. That’s how good that session and orgasm were!

As we continued our drive home, we talked about how lucky we were to have each other still. It has been one of the most difficult years of our marriage, but we have stuck it out, and neither one of us regrets staying.

God is great, my friends. He knows us, and He knows what we need. Trust in Him. Trust that He gave us sex, intimacy, masturbation, and so on for our benefit. It isn’t something to be ashamed of.

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That sure was a very hot story!


Wow, such a hit story. We've had similar play time in the car but never found the opportunity to pull over and have full on sex. Definitely love watching my wife play and cum while driving!

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