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Work Day Distraction

You asked for a distraction today. I want to help as you labor at the construction site. I open the message app and begin typing......

Let's see, maybe you forgot your tools and we had to go pick them up in the evening. We called a sitter to be with the kids and we drove together to the site. By then it's quite dark and we are walking by moonlight and the stream of the cellphone flashlight.

I hold your hand and my other hand is wrapped around your arm as you pull me along in the dark. We weave across the uneven ground, stepping over piles of lumber and other supplies. You climb over a small cement wall and I follow you into the isolated section of the footing. You reach up to help guide me down, your strong hands sliding over my hips and lingering after I'm safely on the ground.

Our eyes lock in the moonlight and you answer the unspoken question in my eyes with a passionate kiss. Your grip tightens on my hips and you push me up against the cement, pinning me. Our kisses become frenzied and it isn't long before I'm pulling your shirt over your head and working on your belt and zipper.

Anxious to feel your familiar hardness, I pull your manhood free of the clothes and grip it. Bending, I take you into my mouth, licking and sucking your tip as you guide my actions with your hand in my hair. Deeper and deeper you fill my mouth as you begin to thrust gently with enthusiasm.

Minutes of pleasurable bliss pass with you in my mouth until you tug me to stand before you. Gripping your manhood you say "follow me" and take clumsy steps with your pants around your ankles towards a shorter section of the cement wall. Finding the perfect spot you spin me around to face the waist high wall.

Letting go of your erection, you tug my leggings down and kiss my neck before whispering "bend over" in my ear. I happily comply, bending at the waist and resting atop the short wall, exposing my ass to the cool night air. Coming in closer behind, you squeeze my ass and slap each cheek before dipping your hand lower to separate and test the wetness gathering between my legs.

When a soft moan escapes my throat you know I'm ready for you. Using one hand on my hip and the other on your dick, you guide your stiff length into my waiting wetness. A louder moan escapes this time and I push my hips backwards inviting more. You pull back slightly only to plunge inside me again deeper this time.

Setting a fervent pace you continue to thrust in and out of me. Passion driving us closer to climax. Your hand dips between us only for a moment and emerges slick with our fluids. Placing your dick back inside me you resume your rhythm of deep thrusts.

Then gently, using your now wet hand you begin to finger my ass hole. Rubbing slickness all around the tight bud and pressing down until it opens for your finger. An unexpected release finds me then and I pulse my pleasure around your manhood and finger, calling out into darkness with each wave of bliss.

Picking up speed you seek your own pleasure now. Quick, deep thrusts and a whispered curse proceed your orgasm. You continue pumping your hips to the ripples of release, only stilling after what feels like slow minutes of carnal bliss.

Breathing heavily we grapple with our clothes in the dark and reach to find each other again. Pressing against your chest, I reach up on tip toe to kiss you. You respond with a gentle kiss on the top of my head. Holding hands again you find your phone to light the way in the dark. Turning the light to our right, just feet away is your tool box and vest. Remembering our reason for coming we gather up the equipment and return to the car.

I finish with my message with, “How's that for a distraction?”

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