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You, Me, and...Jason Derulo?

I had been planning this for hours and it was finally time! Kids were in bed, he was laying on our bed, so I tried to sit on the couch and quickly finish the “sexy playlist”. I couldn’t find anything earlier and had looked into his Spotify for sexy songs that he downloaded and we both enjoyed. It gave me a few, but I had no idea how long this was going to be. After 15 minutes, I deemed Google useless at finding what I was looking for. My song count put me to an hour, there’s no way it will be that long, but it gives a good variety, especially because half the playlist was multiple songs from a few artists.

I walked into the bedroom, locked the door and lay on the bed. He surprised me by saying, “I need to shower before going to bed.”

That’s totally fine. Gives me time to set things up and that way you’re nice and clean. As soon as I hear the water turn on and the curtain shut, I spring into action. Shirt off, pants off, I had been wearing a thong for a few hours now to help keep myself in the right mind set.

I opened the bathroom door, stole his shirt he had been wearing that day, the speaker in the bathroom, and realized he forgot to get a towel.

Sneak in, don’t see me, don’t see me, towel down, sneak out, done. Turn on the speaker and put it in the nightstand, put on his t-shirt, sit on the bed.

While I’m waiting, I realize he likes my hair a mess, but it’s too late to get gel out of the bathroom. I turn my head upside down and fluff like crazy until I figure I have enough of “stripper hair”. Practice a few dance moves to warm up a little, then the shower turns off.

Running back to the bed, I fluff my hair once more while he dries off. He opens the door and smiles at me. I smile back and say “Hey.”

“What do you have planned for me, Mrs. Hunt?”

“Just sit down and see.”

He sits next to me on the bed and I flip on the song “Want You to Want Me” by Jason Derulo. I had put it on shuffle to hopefully get a better variety of songs, and get to work.

I stand up and start to move my hips to the music. He’s a size smaller shirt than me so it slides up to expose the thong and my lower abdomen. Hips move in a circle over and over, give a turn and run my fingers through my hair. He has a small smile on his face and I wonder what’s happening behind the black towel. Dip hips down, rise back up while sticking my butt out. Turn around so my butt faces him, move my hips to the music to see from behind.

I only make it through the first verse and chorus before I’m out of breath from excitement. I move towards him as the music plays and start to kiss his neck and collarbone. When the song says “…then you whisper in my ear, ‘Baby, I’m yours…’”, I nibble his earlobe just a bit.

I push him down and dance between his legs while his hands rest behind his head. He is so hot. He’s gone from the skinny boy of our teenage years, to the more filled out man as he nears 30.

Climb on top, move my hips some more to the music as it changes to another Jason Derulo song. This is what I wanted to avoid by putting it on shuffle, but it’s fine. Grinding into him, moving my hips in circles, leaning over him and moving my breasts in front of his face. It’s been a couple of minutes, I want to see what’s under the towel instead of just feeling it under my pussy.

I flip it off to find it’s not as I would’ve hoped, but that’s okay. I can fix that real fast. I continue to dance between his legs, his hands still behind his head and smiling. I rub my hands up his thighs, and start to touch his very inner crease. Fingers move to caress his balls and hair, then I start to tease his shaft. I put his head in my mouth and start to play until it leads to deeper and deeper throating.

Songs change again in the middle of this and it’s ANOTHER Jason Derulo song. Are you serious?? He’s going to think I’m the worst song picker ever!!

I take his shirt off and rub my breasts all over his dick. His breathing is becoming quicker and I can hear small moans come out of his mouth. I lick and suck one more time to get him good and wet before entering me.

Thong is off, and I hop on top, moving slow to get the feel for both of us. He doesn’t have much leverage of his legs since they’re half off the bed, so I’m in charge. Moving up and down, face to face, I whisper “I love you so much”, and he answers back with a strained “I love you too”.

I sit straight up to he can touch me more and he loves to see me move and take him deep. He fondles my breasts, I lean back to get a different angle.

New song. Jason Derulo. WHAT IS GOING ON???? I seriously put 6 of his songs on here out of 20, and if all they do is play, I’m suing Spotify!

His breathing is increasing in volume through his teeth and I know he’s getting close but trying to hold back. I sit up straight again and ride and ride putting his hands on my hips so he can direct the pace he needs to finish.

After his last few pumps, I can feel warmth and he groans over and over again. Yes, I feel so powerful right now. I slide him all the way in again as he lets out a small grunt, slide out and lay down next to him.

Song is almost over. Okay, perfect, it’s gotta be something different. Nope, Jason Derulo again.

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