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Dirty Rock Climbing

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

We are those 30 somethings that have 3 young kids but sometimes, somehow, find a way to get out for a weekend alone without our children. We purposely make these trips on our anniversary weekend every year, and subsequently plan on having a lot of sex.

As outgoing outdoorsy people we recently got all the gear we needed to go rock-climbing on our own wherever we want. And so we found ourselves 2 miles outside of town in a 4 foot crevice near a wall we both had just rock-climbed.

Finding ourselves very much alone, we discussed doing a quickie here in the canyon. He quickly reclined on a nearby boulder. I ground my clit into his penis with clothes on, I groaned and orgasmed. I got off him and then I dropped my shorts down and bent over the boulder, the thought of someone coming was exciting, but unlikely. I was aroused and ready. He stuck it in and started pumping slowly at first and then harder and harder, faster and faster. The moment was unique, the pressure on my g-spot was fantastic, and as he finished, we felt like we had gotten away with a crime. It was no crime, just pleasure in a deserted desert canyon.

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