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Topless Saturday

It’s no secret that garments aren’t the most sexy clothes in the world. It’s not that I mind though. I understand their presence. 

Saturday mornings are always great.  Most times we get a chance to sleep longer and now that the kids are older they can take care of themselves for a bit.

Lately though, Saturday mornings have become something even more special. We call it “Topless Saturday” where, at some point, my wife and I will both remove our tops.

Sometimes we sleep that way a little longer and it doesn’t go much past that or a little groping but other times, it’s just what we need to get charged up for some coveted morning sex. 

Laying there feeling the warmth and smoothness of my beautiful wife’s skin well, it’s simply the best. 

This past Saturday we were in a warm embrace and my wife reached over and started gently caressing my cock. Instantly I was rock hard. Noticing my reaction she moved her hand inside my underwear and started slowly jerking me off. I took that as permission to slide my hand down and inside her waist band. Pressing a single finger between her lips I could tell that she was as wet as I was hard. 

We paused just long enough to disrobe the rest of the way and resume where we left off, her stroking my rock hard boner and me fingering her hot wet pussy. 

With the help of some lube we kick the action up a notch and we’re both getting really into it. I guide her hand away from me so I can roll to my side and face her. I bring her hand over to join mine working her clit. As she takes over there, I move my hand down and insert two fingers inside as I stimulate her g-spot. 

We find a rhythm together. As her pleasure starts building I feel her hips moving. Her fingers speed up slightly and her breath catches. I can tell she’s close. 

Her hips buck right off the mattress now but the rhythm continues. I move myself closer and take her breast in my mouth and lightly circle her nipple with my tongue. That does it. She gasps and starts bucking wildly. I move my hand on top of hers and together we bring her to full completion. 

Her breaths slow and with a final quiet moan she relaxes once more. I keep my hand on her warm mound and ever so lightly rub my finger up and down her slit. So gently and light I tease her clit just a bit more. I’m rewarded with some soft moans. She wiggles her butt side to side and puts her hand on mine signalling to me that she’s done. 

She moves her head to the side so we’re eye to eye and smiles. She has a mischievous grin and it kills me. I move to my back and she slides down the bed and softly wraps her lips around the head of my cock. Just the lightest touch of her lips and then with her tongue she licks the under side of the tip teasing the frenulum. Instantly and reflexively my hips rise up. The feeling is mind blowing. 

She repeats this several more times. Light lips on the top then tongue teasing the frenulum. Then, just when I’m starting to go crazy, she suddenly takes my full length inside her mouth. Hungrily she works my rigid shaft with her mouth. With her free hand she gently caresses my testicles but never does she stop expertly working my cock. 

I can tell I’m there. “I’m going to cum!” I warn her but today she doesn’t stop. She’s locked in and singularly focused on finishing me off in her mouth. 

With a grunt I start shooting my load. I hear a muffled groan of approval as she swallows each spurt. The orgasm is so intense that I have to guide her head to slow down but the cum keeps flowing. 

She removes her mouth from my cock and replaces it with her hand gently stroking it as the last of my load flows out. I am completely spent. We come to a full stop. Kneeing beside me she smiles and wipes a stray drop of cum off her lower lip with the back of her hand. 

“That… was intense!” I say breathlessly.  

“That… was fun!” She answers as she re-positions herself down beside me resting her head on my chest. 

“Best Topless Saturday ever!” I proudly proclaim. 

We stay that way relishing the moment for as long as we can before we get up and get on with our weekend and what a way to start a weekend!

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Now that our kids can get breakfast themselves. The wife and I have started sleeping naked on the weekends. I highly recommend it.

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